Elvis Stitch Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute 

Elvis Stitch Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Disney World

Stitch has been one of the most popular modern Disney characters ever since the initial release of Lilo and Stitch, with Stitch having a permanent place in the Disney Parks ever since, switching between a few locations over the years.

Also special is that Stitch has continually received new outfits for special events and holidays that you can meet him in.

Recently Elvis Stitch has entered the building for the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Elvis Stitch Character Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom

Meeting in the preshow of the former Stitch's Great Escape, this outfit is inspired by a scene in the movie where Stitch is attempting to be good as he and Lilo accompany Nani to a bunch of job interviews, performing as Elvis at one fo them.

Elvis Stitch Character Halloween Party Disney World

He quickly became one of the most popular characters at the party, bringing an exclusive twist on a classic character for the holiday season.

It is always neat to see popular characters in new outfits, especially ones that appear in the actual film. Hopefully, Elvis Stitch will come back and make more appearances at Halloween parties or more in future years