Villains Float Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Tribute

Villains Finale Mickey's Boo To You Halloween Parade Disney World

Halloween is a special time to visit Walt Disney World, and the best time to visit the park if you want to see the Disney Villains out and about in the Disney Parks in force, whether in parades, shows, or meet and greets.

Today we are starting a month of paying tribute to elements of Halloween celebrations around Walt Disney World every Saturday, beginning with a tribute to the Disney Villains float featured every year in Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Mickey's Boo To You Parade Magic Mirror Halloween Disney World

This float is featured as part of the finale of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party's signature parade, Mickey's Boo To You Halloween Party. It features a collection of the most iconic Disney villains like Jafar and the Evil Queen on a float featuring a towering representation of Chernabog, the signature villain of Fantasia.

Ursula Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade Magic Kingdom

This float did not start as a Halloween float, starting in Disney World's daytime parade, but it truly found its place as a seasonal Halloween float.

It is one of the best parade floats in regular use at Disney World and a perfect finale to the biggest Halloween celebration at the Magic Kingdom.