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 Want to use our content. We always want to be supportive of the creator community, so all we ask is you provide credit back to us follow the guidelines outlined below when referencing our content.

1. Using Our Videos

We have a variety of videos on our YouTube channel. If you are looking for footage from theme parks, feel free to use videos from our No Copyright Theme Parks playlist as long as you give credit back to Theme Parks and Entertainment and follow the guidelines below. 

1. Please don't reuse our voiceover or repost a video in its entirety

2. Please provide credit to the channel in some form (either in the video or a link in the description is fine)

3. Please don't use our content to express hateful views (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.)

If you want to use footage from another video, please just send us an email at ThemeParksAndEntertainment@Gmail.Com to ask for permission with a brief description of how you plan to use the footage. We say yes to almost every request, just let us know first!

2. Using Our Photos

For using our photos we just ask you to follow one of a few sets of rules depending on where the photo was from.

If you are using images from Database Disney we ask that you give credit to the archive in whatever way you want.

If it is a photo from the parks, we ask that you provide credit in the same way you would for a video, and please blur any visible faces in the images.

Finally, if you are using concept art, don't give us credit, but consider providing credit to the company or artist that made the artwork.

3. Using Our Information

Our website features a variety of information on theme parks around the world. If you use it as research for a project such as an article, video, or other content, please provide a link back to the page or pages you referenced. If you referenced a series, then a link to the homepage of the series would be fine (no need to reference each article).

Thank You

Providing credit when you use our content helps us here at Theme Parks and Entertainment to continue to grow and create content for everyone to enjoy for years to come.