Disney Rewards Photo Spot Epcot Guide

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Disney Rewards Photo Spot Entrance Epcot Walt Disney World

Located in Epcot, the Disney Rewards Photo Spot is a special Disney character meet and greet available to only a select group of Disney guests that can give you a chance to meet some of the most popular Disney characters with little to no wait.

The Disney Rewards Photo Spot typically allows those with a Disney Visa Card to meet Mickey and Friends characters in a special, exclusive, Epcot-themed meet and greet found in the back of the Imagination Pavilion.

To gain access to this meet and greet, those eligible merely need to show their Visa Card and share their name at the entrance. You then gain access to the meet and greet. In addition, you receive free Photopass downloads of all photos taken at this location, not needing to pay for any of the Photopass services to access your photos.

You do not know in advance which Mickey and Friends characters you will meet at this location, although it is typically two different characters together.


Light Up Wall Disney Rewards Photo Spot Epcot Walt Disney World

Queue Line Disney Rewards Photo Spot Epcot Walt Disney World

Goofy and Mickey Mouse Characters in Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Outfits Epcot Disney Rewards Photo Spot

Disney Monorail Mural Wall Disney Rewards Photo Spot Epcot Walt Disney World