Ranking The Countries of Epcot's World Showcase Worst To Best

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Impressions de France Epcot Walt Disney World

The World Showcase allows you the chance to visit 11 different countries in a day in Epcot at Walt Disney World. But not all of them are equal.

Today we are ranking the pavilions of the World Showcase. We are taking into account factors like attractions, entertainment, theming, as well as food and dining offerings. For the purposes of this list, we are only looking at the 11 main countries of the World Showcase and not the other locations along the lagoon, like World Showplace and the International Gateway. We are also only rating the pavilions based on offerings from before COVID19.

11. United Kingdom

United Kingdom Pavilion World Showcase Epcot Disney World

This pavilion is amazingly themed based on various architectural styles from throughout the United Kingdom and featuring different time periods from its history. The Rose and Crown attempt to recreate an authentic British pub experience and does so incredibly well.

The problem is really that this is all there is. The rest of the pavilion is a massive shop and a character meet and greet room that has only been used infrequently over the years.

There used to be a bandstand featuring the British Revolution performing classic British rock at the back of the pavilion, but this ended even before COVID19, leaving the pavilion just feel like it's missing something.

10. Italy

Italy Pavilion at Night Epcot Disney World

The Italian Pavilion features some of the best theming of any World Showcase Pavilion, brilliantly recreating many iconic sites from Italy, and the theming even extends into the pathway.

This pavilion ranks so low as its only main features are two restaurants that are relatively expensive for Disney. If you aren't going to eat at one of those, then there is not much to do in this pavilion. Even its shop is relatively small and leaves much to be desired.

9. Germany

Germany Pavilion Epcot Disney World

Germany has one of the best restaurants in Epcot's World Showcase. It only ranks so low because the pavilion is actually unfinished. It was supposed to have a Rhine River Cruise themed boat ride but it was canceled early on, which just means there is less in this pavilion then others in the World Showcase.

A highlight of this section is the model train set that you can explore, especially as it changes slightly with the seasons.

8. Japan

Japan Pavilion From Across World Showcase Lagoon Epcot

The Japan Pavilion holds one of the best shops in all of the World Showcase and that alone makes this pavilion worth visiting. It holds elements of Japanese culture all available for purchase that typically ranges from classic clothing to Godzilla and Pokemon merchandise. If you like any Japanese franchise, you can likely can find something from it here.

There are also several world-class restaurants scattered throughout the pavilion that are all worth a visit if you love Japanese food, and you can almost certainly find one of them that fits your taste.

Combine these with some amazing theming and a rotating slate of fun entertainment, and you have a fun pavilion to explore.

7. Morocco

Morocco Pavilion Epcot

The Morocco Pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase has some of the best theming in Epcot's World Showcase. Every small detail is thought out of to both recreate iconic locations and architectural styles from the country, down to the small mosaic tiles of the buildings.

This is only so low because right now the pavilion is going through a transition as sponsors leave and Disney takes control, leaving many of the once amazing shops empty and shuttered. Hopefully, it will return to its former splendor when Disney takes full control.

6. Canada

Canada Pavilion at Night Epcot Walt Disney World

The Canada Pavilion is one of the two entry pavilions of Epcot's World Showcase. In this pavilion, you can explore a garden pathway recreating many of the iconic landscape features of the country, and at the end of the pathway, you can enjoy a circle vision show featuring narrators Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara taking you through the real Canada.

There is also a collection of shops and one main restaurant that are well worth checking out on your visit to the pavilion. The entertainment changes fairly consistently, with some groups being better than others.

5. China

China Pavilion Ponds Epcot Disney World

There is so much to love in the China Pavilion, and it is really the reason it starts the top five. This pavilion is filled with a wide variety of offerings, from a sizable museum-quality display, to multiple creative restaurants, and one of the most extensive shops in all of the World Showcase.

This pavilion also has a great attraction in their circle vision show, which will hopefully only get better with an upcoming new circle vision film coming to the pavilion.

4. American Adventure

American Adventure Theater Epcot Disney World

The American Adventure is the central host pavilion of Epcot's World Showcase is one of the best places to stop. It's most significant attraction is a stage show featuring dozens of audio-animatronics telling the entire American story through scenes in key moments of US history.

It also has a wonderful relatively new restaurant inspired by the Muppets featuring American barbecue which is much better than the one it replaced, as well as a good amount of art and artifacts to explore inside the pavilion.

On top of this, there is an outside theater in this that features a constantly rotating set of musical performance groups, from rock concerts during Epcot's festivals, to Guardians of the Galaxy infused concerts.

3. Mexico

Fiesta Hoy Scene Gran Fiesta Tour Ride Epcot Disney World

The Mexico Pavilion is almost entirely located inside, allowing it to exist in a perpetual night. Within the pyramid, you can find everything from a restaurant, to several shops that make up a street market like setting, and a small museum of artifacts from Mexico.

You can also enjoy one of only two (soon to be three) rides within the World Showcase, Gran Fiesta Tour Featuring The Three Caballeros. This attraction takes you on a boat journey through iconic locations in Mexico with Donald, Panchito, and Jose in tow, ending with the three performings together on stage.

The outside portion of the pavilion is also worth a visit, with multiple restaurants and food stands, several of which are great places to watch Epcot fireworks, whenever they get shown again.

2. Norway

Stave Church Norway Pavilion Epcot Walt Disney World

The Norway Pavilion is the home of all things Frozen at Epcot, but it is also so much more. Akershus is a great character buffet featuring princesses that gives Epcot its own spin on the much more well known Cinderella's Royal Table. The bakery also provides some of the best treats in Epcot.

The Stave Church also holds a rotating set of exhibits about Norwegian history that are fun for any history buff to explore.

But what most people will enjoy about this pavilion is the Frozen offerings. Royal Summerhus for instance gives you a place to meet Queen's Anna and Elsa in a fun Norwegian setting.

Frozen Ever After is also the best ride in the World Showcase and a must ride on any visit to Epcot. Featuring an original story with all your favorite characters from Arendelle, it takes you on a musical journey through many of the film's iconic locations, and it is this ride that really sets the pavilion apart.

1. France

Epcot France Pavilion Disney World

Epcot's France Pavilion is the best pavilion, and that is even before the upcoming Remy's Ratatouille Adventure.

The theming in this pavilion is some of the best in Epcot's World Showcase, and its food offerings are among the best in all of Walt Disney World. You can get a baguette or other baked goods in the bakery, or some gelato, or eat in its high-quality restaurants.

The land's theater also features two shows with the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along and Impressions de France, which is the best travelogue style show in the World Showcase.

All of this is also before taking into account that the section is about to expand with the addition of a Ratatouille section, which will bring a new ride to the pavilion, as well as a Crepe shop, only solidifying France as the best country in the World Showcase.