Wooden Warrior Roller Coaster Covered In Snow Quassy

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Wooden Warrior Roller Coaster Quassy Amusement Park

Wooden Warrior is a still relatively new wooden roller coaster located at Quassy amusement park created by the Gravity Group. Recently we paid a visit to the park to get some photos of the coaster covered in snow while the park is closed for the winter season.

Wooden Warrior Roller Coaster Airtime Hills Covered In Snow Quassy

While the coaster does not boast impressive stats it is still a great ride and it looks great covered in snow.

Quassy Wooden Warrior From Outside The Park In The Snow

The park may not be open, but you can get a great view of the ride from just outside the park's limits, with the track dusted with white snow.

Quassy Front Entrance Sign In The Snow Amusement Park