Review: Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Gala On Disney Plus

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Fireworks Behind Enchanted Storybook Castle Shanghai Disneyland
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Since it launched in 2019, Disney Plus has been the home to seemingly endless amounts of legacy Disney content. But one area it has been sorely lacking since its early days is in having any significant content related to the Disney Parks. But that is starting to change, and one of the best new additions based on Disney theme parks is the Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Gala.

Filmed back when the park first opened in 2016, this is an elaborate celebration involving fireworks, projections on the Enchanted Storybook Castle, and live performances by soloists, an orchestra, and a massive choir.

Mickey Mouse Walks Through Shanghai Disneyland Enchanted Storybook Castle
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This production has no storyline or narration, and merely exists as a half-hour long musical medley including many classic Disney tunes, and an appearance by Mickey Mouse himself.

The musicians in this show are some of the best, and while many Americans will not recognize any of their names, their performances are some of the best in recent memory of classic Disney tunes like Someday My Prince Will Come.

Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Gala Orchestra
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Disney songs performed with vocals are largely done in a bilingual way, allowing speakers of two languages to enjoy the performance, but if you already know the song it should not impact your enjoyment of the performance if you can't understand the words.

Enchanted Storybook Castle Projection Mapping Fireworks Shanghai Disneyland
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The Enchanted Storybook Castle provides a wonderful backdrop for the performance, being a wonderful canvas for the projection mapping and its scale making the fireworks appear more impressive towering over it.

Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Gala Disney Plus
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This is a wonderful way to experience the Disney Parks at home, and makes a park that most Americans will never be able to visit accessible in some small way.

If you are missing the Disney Parks, this is a great way to fill that craving, and it is also a great watch for any Disney fan just for the amazing music.