Stitch Disney Character Tribute

Lilo and Stitch Float Stars and Motor Cars Parade Disney's Hollywood Studios

Lilo and Stitch has proven to be one of the most iconic Disney films of the 2000s and created a character who quickly became one of the most popular in Disney Parks all around the world.

Stitch ended up becoming one of the most widespread characters in the Disney Parks finding permanent homes in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Stitch Character in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Stitch in Walt Disney World has found homes in various parks over the years, from his early home in Disney's Hollywood Studios soon after his original film premiered, before moving to other locations in Walt Disney World.

Lilo and Stitch Signing Autographs in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Lilo and Stitch would also often meet side by side in Disney's Animal Kingdom, with seasonal outfits for the holiday season.

He would also often appear in the Magic Kingdom, either wandering Tomorrowland, or eventually getting his own meet and greet location in his former attractions queue line. He even got special costumes for seasonal holidays here including notably an Elvis outfit.

Stitch in Ohana Polynesian Resort Walt Disney World

By far his longest-lasting location has been a character meal in Ohana in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, which will hopefully come back after the coronavirus.

Stitch Holding a Keychan in Disney California Adventure

Stitch meanwhile has become a mainstay in Disney California Adventure.

Stitch remains one of the most playful characters in the Disney Parks and he will hopefully stay there for a long time.