5 Fun Facts About Mean Girls The Broadway Musical


Be Careful Who You Sit With Mean Girls Broadway Stage Door

Mean Girls the musical transformed the classic high school film to the stage carrying the same level or humor while adding great music, choreography, and more. Here are five fun facts about the Broadway musical adaptation of Mean Girls

1. Film Version

Broadway Mean Girls Set From Standing Room

There is currently a film version in development of the musical version of Mean Girls.

2. Washington DC

Mean Girls the musical had its first run in Washington DC before moving to Broadway.

3. Rewrites

Mean Girls Musical Broadway Marquee at Night

The Broadway version of the show was rewritten after changes were made to the first tour version of the show.

4. Music

Broadway Set Mean Girls Musical at Intermission

The music for the show was written by Jeff Richmond, Tina Fey's wife, and frequent collaborator.

5. Rockin Around The Pole

Mean Girls Broadway Musical Marquee New York City

An original Christmas song was written for the show during the iconic holiday dance scene from the film. However, the song Rockin Around the Pole was not included on the cast album as it is cut off shortly into the song.