5 Fun Facts About Chicago The Broadway Musical


Chicago Playbill In Front of Stage Broadway Musical

Chicago is one of the most iconic musicals running on Broadway. Telling the story of two murderesses in the early 20th century as they abuse the press to get off of their charges.

Here are five fun facts about this classic show.

1. Real Life

This musical is actually based on a book that was based on a series of real murders. It used their stories to showcase the negative role the press can play in crime if it is abused.

2. Longest Running

Chicago The Musical at the Ambassador Theater Broadway Marquee

This is the longest-running American musical of all time on Broadway. It is also the longest-running Broadway revival of all time.

3. Original Production Star

The original Roxie Hart in the current Broadway production Ann Reinking had also played the role during the show's original run on Broadway. She also took on the role of the choreographer for the revival. 

4. Moving

Chicago Broadway Theater Poster

The revival of Chicago has switched theaters two times during its Broadway run.

5. Jury Box

Chicago Broadway Revival Set Ambassador Theater

The set of the show is designed to be evocative of a courtroom jury box, adding to the show's themes of exploring justice in the American courts.