Max Goof Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Max Goof Disney Parks Character Disneyland

Max Goof is a popular Disney Character that remains a somewhat common character to see in the Disney Parks.

Unlike most Mickey and Friends characters, he does not date back to the days of Walt Disney, appearing only starting with Goof Troop and then becoming the cult favorite he is today with the release of A Goofy Movie.

Max Goof Character Plaza Inn Disneyland

He still meets in parks all around the world, becoming a rare but popular Disney Parks character.

Max Goof In Magic Kingdom Parade Walt Disney World

Max appears in parades alongside his father Goofy all the time, even amid the COVID19 pandemic, and has remained a constant presence.

Max Goof Signing Autographs Plaza Inn Disneyland

While there are some places you can be sure to see him, like in the Plaza Inn in Disneyland, most of his appearances are relatively random, making for a fun surprise when you happen upon him throughout the parks.