Review: WandaVision Episode 5 On A Very Special Episode

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Wanda and Vision Holding Baby Tommy and Billy in 1980s WandaVision Episode 5

WandaVision has picked up the pace in its fifth outing, and is building the backstory of the newly coined Hex anomaly in Westview. No longer are the days of a full episode set in one decade, and we now jump back and forth in and out of the town.

Be aware that there were some major reveals in this episode so if you do not want them spoiled for you please stop reading at this point.

Agnes and Wanda WandaVison 1980s Outfits Disney Plus Marvel

Spoiler Warning

Westview Postcard WandaVision Episode 5 Marvel Disney Plus

We reenter what we now know as Wanda's broadcast this time in the 1980s as Wanda and Vision adjust to being new parents. But this time it is not the idealized world from the 50s-70s inside the sitcom.

Agnes appears aware of Wanda's control and asks if they should restart the scene at one point in front of Vision. She also realizes that she has little control over her own children with her powers.

Tommy and Villy Age 5 WandaVision On A Very Special Episode Disney Plus Episode 5 Marvel

From this point on Vision becomes increasingly suspicious of Wanda and the world around him which he begins to see the flaws in while Wanda struggles back at home with her increasingly rapidly aging children.

Tommy and Billy Age 10 WandaVision On A Very Special Episode Disney Plus Marvel

Her children Billy and Tommy find a dog and convince Wanda and Vision to keep it, aging themselves in front of Agnes in the process multiple times. Agnes barely reacts to the revelation, and Wanda even uses her powers in front of her as well.

It appears that the citizens of Westview do not care about the powers or have reactions to them unless it's a part of the story of the episode unless Wanda wants them to.

Monica Rambeau Meets Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo WandaVision

Outside the town, we see the ramifications of Monica Rambeau becoming reunited with the SWORD team, joining Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo as they explore various theories of what is happening with Wanda and the town of Westview.

Wanda Breaks Into SWORD Headquarters To Steal Vision WandaVision Disney Plus

As a result of Monica's revelations, Wanda has been recharacterized a terrorist in combination with new footage we see of her robbing SWORD to steal Vision's body just before the events of the series.

We also learn some new information about how Wanda is controlling the town. While it was previously believed that her powers only resulted in changes to people's perception, it is revealed she can also change the characteristics of physical items.

Monica Rambeau Fires Gun at 1970s Clothes WandaVision Disney Plus Marvel

She cannot create them, but she can alter them in any way. Monica's outfit from the 1970s for example is revealed to still be made of the bulletproof material she was wearing as she entered the town.

The final major revelation from Monica was her perception of events in the town. She described the experience of being under Wanda's control of being excruciating, and that everything in the town actually happened but it was not under her control. This same pain is apparently being experienced by all residents of Westview.

Computational Services Inc WandaVision Building Disney Plus

Meanwhile in Westview, Wanda has forced Vision to work on a Saturday, much to the confusion of her children. At work, he gets some of his biggest reasons to doubt Wanda yet.

Darcy Lewis Email WandaVision 1980s Computer Episode 5 Disney Plus Marvel

The office has just received its first computers, which recieves a message from Darcy, apparently from outside the town limits. This is read in unison by the entire staff before Vision's colleague exclaims how none of this is real.

At this point, Vision is able to temporarily remove Wanda's hold on his coworker norm, which causes him to become increasingly scared by his situation. He attempts to call his family before being returned to Wanda's hold on him.

WandaVision SWORD Drone Footage Of Wanda in 1980s

With their new knowledge of the situation, SWORD to attempt to send a drone from the 1980s into the town, assuming correctly that it would be unchanged by Wanda's powers. It sends them video footage until they attempt to use it to shoot Wanda with a missile.

Wanda Emerges From Barrier With Drone WandaVision Disney Plus Marvel

Wanda then emerges from the town with the drone to talk with SWORD, asking them to stay out of her life and appearing hostile towards everyone.

Wanda Targeted By Sword WandaVision Episode 5 On A Very Special Episode Disney Plus Marvel

She begins using her power before eventually taking control of most of the SWORD operatives.

Wanda Uses Her Powers Against SWORD WandaVision On A Very Special Episode Disney Plus

As she leaves she causes them to turn on each other before passing through the barrier once more and causing it to turn red.

Agnes Holds Wanda's Dead Dog WandaVision 1980s Disney Plus

From this point, we see Wanda and her children looking for their dog who has run off, before Agnes finds him dead in her bushes. This leads to a conversation about grief in which Wanda is asked if she can resurrect the dead, which she does not directly answer.

Wanda And Vision Fight During Credits WandaVision Episode 5 Marvel Disney Plus

When we return to the house, Vision finally confronts Wanda about his suspicions. Wanda attempts to end the argument by rolling the credits but the fight continues both during and after them over how Vision does not want Wanda to keep holding the town hostage.

Wanda and Vision Confront Each Other On A Very Special Episode WandaVision Disney Plus

This fight escalates to them both flying above their living room until a doorbell rings which Wanda says she did not cause.

Evan Peters as Pietro Quicksilver Appears in WandaVision Disney Plus

She goes to the door where her brother Pietro has arrived. But this is not the Quicksilver that we know from Age of Ultron. Instead, this is Pietro as played by Evan Peters in the X-Men franchise, making him the first character to cross over between the two universes.

This is a different person within the MCU as Darcy exclaims that Wanda recast her brother.

What we do not know is who is this person claiming to be Pietro. Is he her brother? Is he the character from the X-Men films that Wanda somehow brought to the MCU?  Does he have the memories of her brother? Is he just a resident of Westview?

All of these questions will surely be addressed in a future episode.