Peter Pan's Flight Magic Kingdom Guide

Opening Date: October 3rd, 1971

Peter Pan's Flight is one of the most popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom.

On this ride, you hop onto a flying pirate ship and journey through the most iconic locations from the classic Disney movie, looking down on London and the fantasy spots throughout Neverland.

This ride often has the longest waits in the Magic Kingdom, and is known for its unique ride system and classic style sets.


Thrill Rating 3/10

This is a low-speed ride that takes place in the dark. Guests with a fear of heights may not enjoy this attraction as the ride vehicles are suspended over the sets.


Peter Pan's Flight At Night Disney World

Peter Pan's Flight Entrance Sign Fantasyland Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

COVID19 Information

The queue line has had some alterations to allow for social distancing while you wait.

Special Information

This attraction has an interactive queue line through the Darling household.