10 Facts and Secrets About Rock N Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Rock N Roller Coaster Starring AEROSMITH Entrance Arch Way at Night Disney's Hollywood Studios

Rock N Roller Coaster is one of the most intense roller coasters in any Disney Park around the world. Featuring the music of AEROSMITH, this ride takes you on a wild journey to get to a backstage concert experience on time.

In honor of this ride, we are sharing 10 fun facts and secrets about this Disney's Hollywood Studios attraction.

1. Inversions

Rock N Roller Coaster Guitar Building Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World

This is the only ride in Walt Disney World that goes upside down, featuring three inversions.

2. Star Wars Overlay

This ride on multiple occasions has had a temporary Star Wars-themed overlay featuring Star Wars music instead of rock.

3. Alteration

Disney digitally altered Steven Tyler's hand years after the attraction opened to remove a gesture they believed to be obscene.

4. Queue Posters

Boynton Beach Concert Poster Rock N Roller Coaster Disney's Hollywood Studios

In the queue line for the attraction are special posters on screens that are altered to feature the names of people in the queue line, made possible with Magic Bands.

5. Speakers

Each seat on the ride trains has multiple speakers that allow you to hear the music and give you the full concert experience.

6. Paris Version

There is an identical version of this coaster in Disneyland Paris, that is currently being transformed into an Iron Man-themed coaster.

7. Special Song

Rock N Roller Coaster Staring AEROSMITH Entrance Arch Disney's Hollywood Studios

One of the songs featured in the ride is a special version with unique lyrics written for the ride. Love In An Elevator is performed as Love In A Roller Coaster.

8. Outside Version

There is an outside version of this exact coaster located in Walibi Holland without any of the theming.

9. Liscense Plate

Each ride vehicle, themed as a super stretch limo, features a special liscense plate that ties in with the theming of the ride.

10. Hidden Mickeys

There are a number of Hidden Mickeys scattered througout the attraction including on the ride vehicles and in the preshow.


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