Predictions Future Disney Magic Kingdoms Limited Time Events

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Coco Event Stage Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms adds many of Disney's most popular films to the game as special limited-time events. So we are going to try to predict what films will be featured in future limited time events within the game.

We are going to be predicting based on the history of what kind of film Disney Magic Kingdoms has used in the game for limited-time content, and we aren't going to be guessing any yet to be released Disney movies.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

So far every Disney Reinassance film except Pocahontas has been added as a limited-time event, so this would be a great future limited-time event. It also has enough characters to fill the 7 character average of the game's events. Characters like Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Frollo, Clopin, and more would all be fun additions to the game, and combined with the Ratatouille attractions it could allow you to make a mini Paris area in the game.


Kala Holding Baby Tarzan Treehouse Disneyland

This is one of the highest-profile Disney movies not in the game yet and it would be a perfect limited-time event. With a large number of human and animal characters, this could be a great new set of characters to add to the game, and they could even recreate the attraction based on this film Tarzan's Treehouse. With a massive area of Adventureland still available to unlock, this could fit seamlessly into the game.


Mater and Lighting McQueen Animatronics Radiator Springs Racers Cars Land Disney California Adventure Disneyland

One of the most successful Pixar franchises of all time is the Cars series, and with three films and a full theme park land worth of content to work with this could be an amazing limited-time event. While this would be feasibly difficult to add to the game with the size of the characters, they could still make it work and add some of the most popular Pixar characters of all time to the game.

Red The Fire Truck at the Cozy Cone Cars Land Disney California Adventure