Should More Ratatouille Characters Get Added to Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms

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Disney Magic Kingdoms sometimes splits their permanent content update movies into two separate updates. As Ratatouille was just added in a relatively small permanent content update to the game, we are going to speculate on if they could do a second Ratatouille update at some point in the future.

There are certainly enough characters to add in a second update based on the classic Pixar film if they wanted to. Ego, Emile, the ghost of Gusteau, and more are all big enough characters that they could easily be added to the game.

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It might be more difficult to find another attraction to add from the film as they already added the two most obvious locations from the film the restaurant and the actual ride from the film. I am sure they could come up with something though, like a more general Paris attraction or maybe one inspired by a scene in the film they haven't used yet.

By far the reason I most think they might do this in the future is they are simply running out of films to add to the game.

Disney Magic Kingdoms tends to add more films to the game in a year than Disney actually releases, as they only really use Pixar and Disney animated films with very few exceptions. The number of films left, especially the number of movies with a significant level of pop culture relevance films left not in the game is shrinking rapidly.

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Another Ratatouille update is possible and would give them another update they may soon need. It is certainly a possibility that this recent update will not be the last time we see Remy and friends in the game.