Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add Sections Based on Other Disney Parks

Disney Magic Kingdoms

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Disney Magic Kingdoms has sections based on various lands from classic castle style parks, but it still doesn't have areas based on other Disney Parks. We are going to discuss if the game should add new areas based on other Disney Parks in the future.

At the moment, the game already has two sections that are at least based in part on other theme parks, the California Screamin section, and the Expedition Everest section that has yet to be unlocked as of the writing of this article. But it remains without any area from Disney's Hollywood Studios, Epcot, or any international parks.

Meanwhile, in recent updates the game has been adding more and more content based on parks beyond the traditional castle style park.

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Adding areas based on these parks would allow Disney Magic Kingdoms to solve multiple problems, giving a place for some of the new attractions they have been adding while also helping to fix the continual land problem the game has had through its entire history.

We have seen Disney Magic Kingdoms be more than ready to add new land areas in recent updates, even adding a fully new section for Star Wars, and they may need to add more entirely new sections like this in the future. Disneys theme parks could be the perfect inspiration for new sections of the game in the near future, especially as they could open the door to entirely new films in future updates.

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At the moment the game only has unadded land in Adventureland and Frontierland. Not many Disney films really fit well into these lands, and there are many popular films that would not fit at all in these two sections, from Aristocats to Pinocchio to Mary Poppins. Meanwhile, a studios themed section or an Epcot section taking inspiration from both World Showcase and Future World could provide a better space for many new future updates.

The game is going to have to come up with inspirations for new sections in the near future if it wants to keep adding new content, and there is plenty of inspiration to take from the Disney Parks themeselves.