Review: WandaVision Episode 6 All-New Halloween Spooktacular

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WandaVision 2000s Title Card All New Halloween Spooktacular

The latest WandaVision episode took the sitcom to the 2000s with a special Halloween episode that hinted at several characters' true intentions while changing the dynamic of the show after last week's addition of Pietro to the "cast" of the show.

From here on out be aware that a spoiler warning is in effect for the most recent episode of WandaVision.

Spoiler Warning

Wanda and Vision in Comic Book Inspired Halloween Costumes WandaVision Disney Plus Marvel

The latest episode of WandaVision spends about an equal amount of time both within and outside the borders of the town of Westview as Wanda navigates how to deal with her brother and her children on Halloween. Meanwhile, Vision spends the entirety of the episode investigating all the strange occurrences he has found throughout the show.

Through all of this, the characters are all featured in comic book accurate Halloween costumes, with their bright neon colors and signature designs.

Wanda and Pietro Trick or Treating in Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Halloween Costumes WandaVision

Starting with Wanda's story, she and Pietro prepare to take the kids trick or treating for the night as Pietro keeps revealing elements of their past and discussing what Wanda has been doing with the town. We also learn he is basically as clueless about the specifics of his return as we are.

Wanda Out Trick Or Treating In Scarlet Witch Costume WandaVision

It is also notable that this is the first time we see kids in the town outside of Tommy and Billy.

WandaVision Vision in Classic Comic Book Halloween Costume Disney Plus

Vision gradually starts moving towards the outer barrier of the town, showcasing places and characters we have never seen before.

Woman Frozen In Place Halloween WandaVision Disney Plus

This leads to the reveal, combined with relevant information from the outside, that people located close to the barrier lose the ability to move and talk proportionally to how close they are to it. People are shown frozen in place or being forced to repeat simple motions endlessly.

Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo Being Escorted Out Of SWORD Base WandaVision

Meanwhile, outside, Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, and Darcy Lewis are a united front against Tyler Haward, who is unwilling to relent on his efforts to take out Wanda. He attempts to have the three of them removed from the base as a result.

During this exchange, he appears to suggest that there is a divide growing between people who were blipped (disappeared in the Thanos snap) and people who weren't. People who disappeared he describes as being optimistic while people who stayed couldn't be.

It would be interesting to see this dynamic play out in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially as even the superheroes of the MCU could fit within these roles.

The trio all are able to escape their escort out of the SWORD base and begin investigating what Tyler Haward is not telling them, gaining access to more information inside the barrier.

WandaVison Pietro in Classic Comic Book Quicksilver Halloween Costume

Back inside Pietro becomes increasingly mischievous as the episode continues, increasingly looking more like the X-Men version of the character portrayed by Evan Peters (who now plays the role within WandaVision) than the original MCU version of Quicksilver. 

Pietro and Wanda in Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch Comic Book Halloween Costumes WandaVison Disney Plus

This makes Wanda suspicious and she tries to interrogate him on their shared past, and he as a rule does not answer her questions.

Pietro Dead Body WandaVison Episode 6 Disney Plus Marvel

At one point he even appears dead to her similar to how Vision previously had.

Billy also develops Pietro's powers while trick or treating.

Monica Rambeau Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis Investigate Tyler Hayward

Outside the barrier, we learn Hayward is tracking Vision and the other residents, as well as other information. We also learn that Monica has been altered in some way by the barrier, although we do not know in what way. Monica and Jimmy leave the camp for help while Darcy stays to find more information.

Vision Talks With Agnes In Car WandaVison All-New Halloween Spooktacular

Vision in the meantime eventually comes upon Agnes who is sitting frozen in a running car at the very edge of Westview. Vision removes her from the trance and she identifies him as an Avenger, which he has no memory of, and that he should be dead.

Agnes In Witch Halloween Costume Marvel WandaVision Disney Plus

During this conversation, she is seen wearing a witch costume, which is important as it has been widely speculated that Agnes may actually be Marvel witch Agatha Harkness due to the lack of backstory we have on her character and her strange exchanges with multiple characters.

The Edge of the Town of Westview Ellis Avenue WandaVision Disney Plus

After this Vision leaves the barrier, which we learn from within the town looks like a neverending empty field.

Vision Emerges Through Barrier Outside Westview WandaVison Disney Plus

When he leaves the entire SWORD base descends upon him, including Darcy who sends a message to hew two friends before heading off to try and help Vision. She is quickly captured and handcuffed.

Vision calls out for SWORD to help him while being disintegrated back into the barrier.

Tommy during his struggle hears him from within the barrier, suggesting he has a version of Wanda's powers. Pietro exclaims that Wanda shouldn't be worried because Vision can't die twice and this causes Wanda to hit him with her powers in front of the town.

SWORD Base Transformed Into Carnival WandaVision Disney Plus

Wanda then freezes the entire town to save Vision. In the process, she expands the boundaries of her barrier, engulfing the entire SWORD camp within it.

Darcy Lewis Absorbed By Wanda's Barrier WandaVison Episode 6 Disney Plus

The SWORD camp and all of its soldiers, including Darcy Lewis, are made a part of the town of Westview, with the tents of the SWORD base becoming a traveling carnival. Varying buildings are also absorbed and transformed with period-appropriate decorations.

SWORD Truck Escapes Expanding Red Barrier WandaVison Disney Plus

Only two groups are known to escape this, one including Hayward and the other being Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau who were already further away from the barrier when this happened.

Funnel Cake Truck WandaVison Carnival Marvel Disney Plus

It then stops expanding and we are left till next week to explore the ramifications of this event.

This week's episode changed the formula by adding a new character, something it itself actively points out, and uses the new dynamic well to build off of the main questions that have existed since the beginning.

YoMagic Claymation Shark Commercial WandaVision Disney Plus

It manages to address most of them without answering anything, and potentially even giving misleading answers. With only a few episodes left we should not have to wait too much longer for the remaining gaps to be filled in.