Green Army Men Disney Character Tribute

Green Army Man Signing Autographs in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Green Army Men have been a staple of Disney's Hollywood Studios ever since Toy Story originally premiered, although they look significantly different depending on when you met them in the parks.

Green Army Men became staples of multiple different parades, appearing alongside iconic characters like Woody, Buzz, and more.

Green Army Man Disney World Parade

They bring an iconic toy to the park in a massive fashion.

Toy Story Christmas Parade Float Stars and Motor Cars Disney's Hollywood Studios

The iconic set of characters has even appeared in Christmas parades over the years.

Green Army Man Block Party Bash Parade Disney's Hollywood Studios

Sometimes the character would appear as a face character, while other times they appeared with a blank face.

Green Army Men Toy Story Land Disney's Hollywood Studios

When Toy Story Land opened at the park, they were given a permanent look and a show to perform on a daily basis. While the pandemic has halted this show temporarily, hopefully, it will return someday soon.