Discovery Bay's Skyway: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

Discovery Bay Jules Verne Inspired Land Disneyland Concept Art

Discovery Bay was being designed in conjunction with another expansion to the back of Disneyland, and these two lands were set to be connected by a new reimagined Skyway system in the back of Disneyland.

Discovery Bay was set to be located in the current location of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, extending the park further back. On the other side of the park, in the present-day location of Mickey's Toontown, Disney was prepping a circus-themed land based on the animated film Dumbo and classic Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Disney was intending to connect these lands by a new Skyway system, with stations in both lands. This would have been themed based on balloons, and it would have been tied to the theme of the Professor Marvel attraction in Discovery Bay.

The ride would have given amazing views of entirely different sections of Disneyland than the original Skyway, including of both new lands from above.

This would never be built after both lands were canceled, and probably for the best. Safety concerns regarding the original Skyway would begin growing shortly after this attraction was planned, and odds are if it was built it would have been removed at roughly the same time, leaving an odd hole in even more areas of the park.

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This wouldn't have been anything new in the park, but the views from this ride would have been amazing, and it would have been a great part of both lands.

Thanks for exploring this part of Discovery Bay with us, and make sure you check out the next part of this look at the never built part of Disneyland when we explore the relocated Columbia. Also, be sure to check out the rest of Never Built Disneyland so far here.