What Remains of Wonders of Life in Walt Disney World

Wonders of Life Mobile Festival Center Epcot Disney World

Wonders of Life was the last classic Epcot Center Pavilion to open, and one of the shortest lived at the park, with attractions having among the shortest tenures of any attractions from the park in that period.

Currently the Wonders of Life Pavilion is being transformed into the Play Pavilion, after being left partially abandoned for over a decade. But despite its difficult history there is a lot of Wonders of Life left in Walt Disney World to this day, some in incredibly prominent positions.

The original building still looks on the outside mostly as it did during its Wonders of Life days, with the same golden dome, although the entrance archway has long since been removed.

But that entrance archway is still in Walt Disney World.

The entrance to the parking lot of the Magic Kingdom now features the same structure that was previously used in the entrance to the Wonders of Life, giving it a much more prominent place in the parks, although it now advertises an entirely different park.

Star Tours The Adventures Continue Queue Line Disney's Hollywood Studios

When Star Tours was updated into its current version, it was programed on the inactive Body Wars simulators in Wonders of Life, which were functionally identical to the Star Tours simulators. Also, it is widely believed that the original Star Tours simulators and the Body Tours simulators were combined during its refurbishment. The originals were aging, and Body Wars closing provided a ton of new parts for the ride.

For everything that is still in Walt Disney World from the Wonder of Life Pavilion, much more has been lost, from the stolen Buzzy, to other relics from the Pavilion and its multiple attractions.

Wonders of Life Pavilion as Festival Center Epcot Disney World

We do not know how much of the Wonders of Life Pavilion will survive into the Play Pavilion. Hopefully there will be a few tributes to this classic part of Epcot history in this new part of Walt Disney World's second theme park.