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Never Built Disney Studios

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the best Disney rides of all time, and it had a complicated development process that started with a ride proposal that looked almost nothing like the attraction that we eventually got.

Disney's phase two plans for Disney MGM Studios included a drop ride from the earliest days of the park. But initially, it was not intended to be a horror attraction, instead utilizing a comedic approach to the horror genre.

The proposal for this that got the furthest in development involved a world inspired by the works of Mel Brooks. After a short lived Young Frankenstein version, this ride would develop into a more general Mel Brooks attraction This version would have taken place in a hotel, a concept that would survive to the Twilight Zone attraction that did end up getting built, filled with characters inspired by the works of Mel Brooks.

This attraction was set to use the same ride system used in the final version of the attraction, featuring several scenes and even a horizontal movement segment of the ride similar to the eventual 5th dimension scene.

This idea was not actually approved after several different proposals were created in this general theme, and that led to Disney choosing to create reformat the already created attraction concept to work with a Twilight Zone theme.

The Twilight Zone version of the Tower of Terror became a smash hit and it ended up getting clones of the attraction all around the world.

This would have been a very different ride than the suspense-filled experience we ended up getting, despite how similar the concepts really were.

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