Review: WandaVision Episode 7 Breaking The Fourth Wall

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Wanda Mockumentary Sitcom Interview WandaVision Episode 7 Marvel Disney Plus

The seventh episode of WandaVision was filled with big reveals and some events that will surely change the future of not only the series, but potentially the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

Be aware that from here on out there is a spoiler warning in effect.

Spoiler Warning

WandaVision Episode 7 Title Card Breaking The Fourth Wall The Office Inspired Intro

This week's episode is a tribute to the many mockumentary-style sitcoms of the 2000s, most notably The Office, featuring interviews with the characters and a similar camera style to what is found on those shows.

We see Wanda and Vision separated in this episode and trying to deal with what happened in the last episode.

Agens and Billy and Tommy WandaVision Episode 7 Marvel Disney Plus

Wanda is tired and just wants to be left alone, leading to Agnes watching the twins while she rests alone in her house. She also keeps trying to control various elements of her world becoming unstable, and rapidly changing their time period.

Vision in the meantime is at the Circus on the edge of the town of Westview that used to be the SWORD camp. Still in his original form, he is mistaken for a clown and told to take part in the next show.

Darcy Lewis Interview In Circus WandaVision Episode 7 Marvel Disney Plus

He takes this opportunity to free Darcy Lewis, an escape artist in this reality, from her trance permanently, where they journey to go help Wanda together while she fills in his backstory, specifically the events of Avengers Infinity War.

Vision Interview Outside Funnel Cake Truck WandaVision Episode 7 Marvel Disney Plus

They attempt to make their way to Wanda but keep encountering literal roadblocks that continue to strand them on the outside of the town.

Tyler Hayward WandaVision Episode 7 Breaking the Fourth Wall Disney Plus

Outside the hex we see SWORD regrouping for a new attack after setting up a new base further from the barrier.

SWORD Vehicle Being Transformed By The Hex WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo reach their aerospace engineer, who despite much internet speculation on their identity ended up not being a significant preexisting Marvel character like Reed Richards. They grant Monica the use of a high-tech space rover to use to safely venture into the barrier with.

As she attempts to pass through in the rover, it faces resistants and begins to be transformed by its powers, forcing her to quickly escape before the rover is ejected from the barrier, having been half transformed into a normal truck.

Monica Rambeau Passes Through The Hex WandaVision Episode 7 Marvel Disney Plus

Despite knowing the risks, she enters the barrier unprotected.

Monica Rambeau Blue Eyes WandaVision Episode 7 Marvel Disney Plus

On the inside she emerges with blue eyes, suggesting she may have gained her comic book powers through the experience.

Monica Rambeau Attacked By Wanda WandaVision Episode 7 Marvel Disney Plus

Monica finally reaches Wanda, who once again attacks her with her powers, but this time she is able to defend herself with her own newly gained powers, which allow her to escape Wanda's control.

Monica Rambeau Uses Her Powers Breaking The Fourth Wall WandaVision Episode 7 Marvel Disney Plus

She attempts to reason with Wanda and get her to understand that she needs to let this world, and potentially Vision, go.

Agnes and Wanda and Monica Rambeau WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

This is interrupted when Agnes arrives and takes Wanda into her house to protect her.

Agatha Harkness Witch Lair Basement WandaVision Breaking The Fourth Wall Disney Plus

Wanda is confused as her kids are nowhere to be found, leading Agnes to tell her that they are playing in the basement. When Wanda ventures in the basement though she does not find them, but instead a vine-covered mysterious room.

Agatha Harkness Controls Wanda With Her Magic WandaVision Disney Plus

It is here where Agnes reveals herself as Agatha Harkness, a witch who has been controlling many of the events of the series so far to manipulate Wanda, including Pietro's arrival and faking her encounter with Vision freed from Wanda's influence, all revealed through a musical montage ranging different events through the series.

Agatha Harkness Arrives As Witch WandaVision Reveal Marvel Disney Plus

Agatha apparently appeared just prior to first entering Wanda's house, transforming herself from a witch into a normal person from the time period.

Agatha All Along Title Card Agatha Harkness WandaVision Episode 7 Marvel Disney Plus

She then continued to control events each decade in a way that controlled the narrative of both Wanda and Vision.

Agatha Harkness Sits In Director's Chair WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

The exact ramifications of this are left ambiguous as Agatha takes control of Wanda. How much has she controlled? Is she the reason Wanda made the Hex? And importantly, where are Billy and Tommy? These are all left unanswered for a future episode.

Monica Rambeau and Pietro WandaVision Post Credits Scene Episode 7

But for the first time, this is not the end, as we got a post-credits sequence. While admittedly short, it does hold something of a major reveal. In it Monica arrives at Agnes's house and begins to inspect it, eventually venturing to look down into the basement from an outside entrance. Just when she gets her first glimpse at the vines, she is suddenly interrupted by Pietro (or whatever his real name is) and the episode actually ends.

The show keeps building small reveals while leaving the main mysteries unsolved, which should hopefully make for an epic conclusion where we finally learn what has been happening this whole time, and how it will change what comes next for the MCU.