Paris Version of Disney MGM Studios: Never Built Disney Studios

Never Built Disney Studios

Mickey Mouse Topiary Disney MGM Studios Walt Disney World

Today Walt Disney Studios in Paris exists as what many people consider the worst Disney Park in the world. But this was not the original plan for the second park of the Disneyland Paris (originally Euro Disneyland) resort. Originally it was supposed to get a much more elaborate studios theme park based on Disney MGM Studios in Walt Disney World.

This park was to be known as Disney MGM Studios Europe and was primarily going to be based around the original version of the park now known as Disney's Hollywood Studios and its expansion plans.

Great Movie Ride Facade Disney MGM Studios Disney's Hollywood Studios

It would include roughly the same entrance that Walt Disney Studios got, but that is one of the few elements carried over between the two parks. The central plaza was to be dominated by the park's own version of the Great Movie Ride.

While no section would be cloned directly between the two parks, a lot of individual attractions would be found in both parks, including plans for a functional studio tour similar to the one in Orlando.

The park was also set to include a version of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, as well as a clone of the proposed but never built Dick Tracey Crimestoppers that was also planned for both Disneyland and the original Disney MGM Studios.

When Euro Disneyland faltered in its first few years Disney had to course-correct their plans for the resort. With the deal that made the resort possible, Disney was required to make a second park within a set amount of time. With the low attendance figures, the resort saw in its first few years the original plans were just too ambitious.

Disney MGM Studios Backlot Tour Walt Disney World

The resort ended up getting a scaled-back studio park without most of the splashy additions that made the original studio park worth visiting. The park was unpopular on day one for its low-quality theming and lack of attractions mainly due to changes made transforming Disney MGM Studios Europe to  Walt Disney Studios.

Walt Disney Studios Paris Expansion Plan Concept Art

Now Disney is in a process of transforming this park into something entirely different, not reminiscent of any previous version of this park.