Disneyland's Lost Dinosaur Rapids Ride: Never Built Disneyland

Never Built Disneyland

Primeval World Diorama Disneyland Railroad Attraction

Discovery Bay would have added a new section to Disneyland with many new attractions, but it would also have permanently changed several Disneyland attractions. One of these changes would have been removing the Primeval World Disneyland Railroad diorama and relocating its dinosaurs to a new attraction within the land.

Located on the edge of Discovery Bay would have been a new ride featuring many of the dinosaurs from the diorama, being relocated to the new attraction.

Jurassic Park Arch Universal Studios Hollywood

This ride would have been a rapids ride that would see you go down a lost river passing by various massive dinosaur animatronics along the riverside. This may sound similar to the Jurassic Park attraction at many Universal theme parks, but the idea actually predates even the first Jurassic Park film by over a decade.

The attraction itself would be something of a combination between Jungle Cruise and Grizzly River Run, with dinosaurs replacing more traditional animals, and giving Disneyland another water attraction.

When the land was canceled, the Primeval World diorama's fate was sealed, remaining a part of the Disneyland Railroad through to today, becoming an iconic part of the route between Tomorrowland and Main Street USA.

Dinosaur Aladar Statue Dinoland USA Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney would continue exploring dinosaur attractions for years following the cancelation of this attraction, eventually resulting in two additional original dinosaur ride through attractions, including sections of Universe of Energy and Countdown to Extinction/ Dinosaur. Dinosaurs continue to remain a part of many Disney Parks around the world, including the original Disneyland.

One attraction in Shanghai Disneyland, Raging Spirits, even features an encounter with a single large reptile monster, reminiscent of this original concept.

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