The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Disney World

Opening Date: July 22nd, 1994

Welcome to...the Twilight Zone.

Based on the classic television series of the same name, this ride allows you to step into your own episode of the Twilight Zone.

Enter the Hollywood Tower Hotel, a famous hotel in the golden age of Hollywood, but it fell into disrepair when a group of people disappeared in its elevator.

Hidden throughout the library and lobby are numerous callouts to famous episodes of the TV show.

Then you enter the ride, a thrilling elevator ride into the fifth dimension where you never have the same ride twice.

The Hollywood Studios version differs from the Walt Disney Studios and former Disney California Adventure versions in that it includes a scene inside the actual fifth dimension where the elevator leaves the drop shaft and moves forward. This by far makes it the best version in the world.


Ride Pov

Library Preshow

Thrill Rating 10/10

This is one of two rides at Walt Disney World that get a 10/10 thrill rating. The suspense and intensity of the drops more than warrant this rating. It is an amazing ride, but make sure you know what you are getting into with this ride.


Lobby of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Part of the line for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Special Information

Be sure to check out several tributes to classic episodes of the Twilight Zone in the queue for this attraction.

Originally Published: 10/16/18

Last Updated: 2/28/20