Every Disney World Coaster Ranked Worst to Best

Disney World Roller Coasters Ranked Worst to Best

Disney may be considered a family park, but one place it has always excelled has been in its roller coasters. Here we run through all of the roller coasters at Walt Disney World ranked from worst to best.

Primeval Whirl

This ride is the only roller coaster at Disney World that is just bad. It is found at numerous other parks outside Disney. It isn't that fun. It's only appeal is that its theme mocking regional theme parks does have a certain level of charm.


This ride is nothing special. It is a basic kiddie coaster with relatively light theming and it is short. It used to be better when you crashed through an entire barn, but when it was updated as part of the New Fantasyland project that was removed and replaced with a similar but much less impressive effect.

Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog Dash may be the newest Disney World roller coaster, but it is far from being a perfect experience. It is light on theme, and relatively short. It also lacks any kind of story beyond you are riding a coaster built by Andy. It does have a shocking level of thrill for a family coaster though, making it an experience the entire family can enjoy.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

This ride may be extremely popular, but it does not fully live up to the hype. It has one scene that is one of the best in all of Walt Disney World, but the rest of the ride is a lightly themed and low thrill experience hardly more thrilling than the Barnstormer. It is a lot of fun, but not worth the hour and a half wait it gets on a regular basis.

Space Mountain

At one time Space Mountain would have been at the top of this list. The problem is the coaster is beginning to show its age. It gets more shakey with each passing year and not in a good way. It gets a lot of points for theming and its new seasonal overlays, but those can't make up for a rapidly deteriorating experience taking away from what should be the crown jewel of Disney World roller coasters.

Rock N Roller Coaster

Rock N Roller Coaster Entrance Disney World

This is by far the most thrilling coaster Disney has ever built anywhere in the world and that makes up for a somewhat strange theme. It takes you inside a fictional recording studio where you get to ride a super-stretch limo with Aerosmith music blasting. It is the first and so far the only coaster at Disney World with an inversion and a great thrill coaster with a touch of Disney magic.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This ride is one of the best-themed coasters Disney has ever built and manages to pack in a lot of thrills in a ride without any significant drops or inversions. It is safe for the whole family but by no means tame. It also is a completely different experience in the front and back of the coaster, so you may want to try it more than once to get both experiences. If you want to explore deeper it also has a massive backstory that will only compliment an already great ride.

Expedition Everest

This coaster experience is perfect in nearly every way. It is perfectly themed, is extremely thrilling, but not in a way to put off guests. It is sensory overload from the moment you enter the line to when you walk off the train at the end of your ride. You are given a full backstory of the mountain and its mythology before being thrust into an active role in that mythology. Beyond this, the ride is visually stunning from everywhere in the park, serving as a kind of the second icon for the park. (Now if they could just fix that yeti...)

So what do you think the best roller coaster in Walt Disney World is? Let us know in the comments below!