Rivers of Light We Are One Seating Guide Disney's Animal Kingdom

Rivers of Light Set Up Disney's Animal Kingdom

Rivers of Light We Are One is the biggest nighttime show at Disney's Animal Kingdom and combines the natural themes of the park with classic Disney characters and songs. It is a great way to end any day in the park.

But seeing this show is more complicated than showing up for Happily Ever After or the Epcot fireworks. But don't worry, we are here to help you plan where to see Rivers of Light We Are One.

Rivers of Light We Are One Seating Guide Layout Disney's Animal Kingdom Fastpass Dining Package

The graphic above shows the rough seating locations for the main three ways to see the show. You will notice one area left blank as it is more of a flex seating area. We are going to take you through what each of these seating areas is like.


This is probably the best way for most people to see the show. You can get the best view without paying big bucks. But do know you do still have to show up early. Seating starts roughly an hour and a half before the show each night and they start seating from the middle to the side. If you want the best spot make sure you are one of the first people in the stadium.

I cannot tell you how many people I have seen show up extremely agitated to the Fastpass area shortly before showtime annoyed that all the good spots are taken. The same goes for the Dining Package area, although all of those spots are good so it is less extreme.

The best seats are close to the middle and close to the water. You will likely not get wet, but it is a possibility depending on the wind.

You likely do not even need to use one of your original three Fastpass+ reservations on this. Use your original three then get this. It should still be available on all but the most popular days in the park. You enter this location between the Up show and Expedition Everest.

Dining Package

This option costs money and provides about the same view as the Fastpass location. Do be aware that seating starts as early as the Fastpass location and is on a first come first serve basis.

Rivers of Light Dining Package and Standby Seating Area Disney's Animal Kingdom

As you can see in this photo of the dining package seating area, it fills up in the center first, so if that center view is important to you be sure to get to the stadium early.


This is the worst seating and should only be used as a last resort. You load in in Dinoland near the Finding Nemo Musical and only are allowed in the section closest to Dinoland. If at all possible, use one of the other two options.

Other Viewing Locations

There are not really any other places to watch this show. The projections and barges all are based on you watching from the stadium. Do not expect to just walk up to the water at the last second and see a great view of the show.

Rivers of Light Complete Guide Disney's Animal Kingdom

Seeing Rivers of Light We Are One requires some advanced planning but it is worth it for an underrated show at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Be sure to check out the Tree of Life Awakenings after Rivers of Light, which run until well after the official park closing.