Review: Star Wars The Clone Wars Final Season Premier: The Bad Batch

Star Wars The Clone Wars Final Season Poster Disney+

Today marked the return of Star Wars The Clone Wars for one final season airing weekly on Disney+, wrapping up the storylines of the series and tieing it together with the Revenge of the Sith.

In the first new episode, the Bad Batch, we get to see Rex and some of his clones in action again, assisted by a new group of clones.

From this point on the review will be split into two sections, spoiler-free and spoiler, so be sure to stop before the spoiler section if you have not yet seen the episode.

The episode gives us a few great action sequences tied together by a light plotline, giving both new and fan-favorite characters a chance to shine and opening up mysteries that will surely be developed throughout the rest of the season.

The retrieval mission the characters are sent on is far from the most exciting the series has encountered but is a nice reintroduction to the series. A relatively low stakes mission to ease you back into the world of Rex, Jedi Anakin, and soon Ashoka.

If you are worried about feeling lost from not having seen the series in a while, don't be. There is really only one episode you should rewatch before diving into this new season (at least so far), season three premiere clone cadets. This will introduce you to clones Echo and 99 who play a role in this episode.

The classic tone of the series also returns, with both the animation style and the dialogue being in touch with the episodes produced before the cancelation of the series. It does not feel like the series is returning after a break of several years, but rather like it is just picking up where it left off.

Spoiler Warning

We don't see much of any Jedi in this episode and it mostly stays focused on the clones, but that is not a bad thing. We get to spend some more time with Rex in his prime, who had always been one of the best original characters of the series during its original run. He always managed to bring heart and a human face to the clones and prevent them from feeling disposable.

He continues to be the heart of the clones, advocating for Cody's safety and being shown mourning his fallen comrades from earlier in the series. This moment connects us with characters we have lost along the way and helps connect the show back to its roots.

The mission gives Rex a few moments to shine, although it does not reunite him with Anakin or Ashoka, something I hope we get to see at least one more time in this final season. Ashoka has also yet to be reintroduced, although one of the strengths of this show has always been its ensemble cast, and that you did not need a specific character to have a great episode.

The new characters also provide for some laughs as they clash with Rex's team and style, but none of them are standouts yet.

The twist of Echo being alive will surely provide a catalyst for the first arc of this season and provide a great way to wrap up Rex's arc, being able to save one of his fallen comrades.

We already know a bit about the rest of this arc due to it having been partially completed prior to the cancelation of the series, but it is amazing to see it completed in fully detailed animation.

What did you think of this first episode of the last season of this cult classic show? Let us know in the comments below! We will be back each week to review the new episodes of this series as they come out.