Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums Review (Disneyland)

Incredicookie Pixar Pier cookie Disneyland

Possibly the best thing to come out of the Pixar Pier retheme of Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure was the many great new food options.

One of the best new snack options was the Incredicookie.

The Incredicookie is a deep dish cookie themed based on the ones Jack-Jack becomes obsessed with in Incredibles II. It is served warm with the chocolate gooey and melting. Definitely eat it while it is hot, although it is still a great cookie regardless. This is probably the best cookie served in the Disney Parks.

There are also other great cookie options at this stand including a gluten-free cookie and different milk options to enjoy your cookie with. But this cookie is the undeniable star of the stand.

Also, since it is also a part of the Incredicoaster it also may be the only food mentioned in a ride that you can actually eat right outside of it.

Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums Review Disneyland

If you get only one of the snacks in Pixar Pier, make it this one. Just be aware it is a little bit messy!

This amazing cookie has also made its way to Disney's Hollywood Studios in the rethemed Pixar Place based on the Incredibles. It is certainly a welcome addition to the park!

Originally Published: 3/29/19

Last Updated: 2/26/20