American Adventure

Mark Twain and Ben Franklin Epcot American Adventure Finale Statue of Liberty Disney World

Opening Date: October 1st, 1982

The American Adventure is a classic Epcot attraction, and one of the least changed since opening day.

It follows the American story from the revolution through to American hero's and success stories of today. It's most recent update was in 2018 with notable people like the Obama family and Madona being added to the finale montage (and significant figures who had fallen out of public favor being removed).

The scale of this show is unlike anything else at Disney World and if you do one show in the World Showcase make it this one.

Thrill Rating 1/10

This is a massive stage show being performed by animatronics. No in theater or 3D effects.


American Adventure Entrance Epcot Disney World

American Adventure Flag Staircase Epcot Disney World

World's Fair American Adventure Epcot Disney World

Special Information

The finale song, Golden Dream is available for purchase on iTunes and also heard as part of Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln.