Review: A Distant Echo: Star Wars The Clone Wars Final Season Episode 2

Star Wars The Clone Wars Final Season Disney Plus

Star Wars The Clone Wars is back and as good as ever. The second episode ups the action and brings us more classic characters from the original run of the series.

From this point on the review will be separated into spoiler-free and spoiler-filled sections, so do not continue past the spoiler warning if you haven't watched the episode yet.

This episode continues the arc started by the first episode but adds in more elements of the original series that elevate it beyond the premiere episode.

It also brings Rex to a new emotional level, fully expressing the gravity of his loss throughout the war and expressing how much the war has changed him since we first met him at the start of the series.

Through its changed setting we get more of a chance to get acquainted with the new characters of the Bad Batch and see what great fighters they are.

This episode raises the emotional and action level from the first episode and reveals new unanswered questions to be explored throughout the remainder of the series.

Spoiler Warning

The Bad Batch In Action A Distant Echo Star Wars The Clone Wars Final Season

We are reintroduced to several plot threads from the original series at the beginning of the episode, reintroducing us to Padme and Anakin Skywalker's hidden relationship with a hidden reunion and knowing acknowledgment by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The episode then follows the same team as the last episode of the Bad Batch with Captain Rex, this time joined by Anakin for a more intense rescue mission.

Through this, it explores the impact the war has had on now seasoned Captain Rex and how many troops and friends he has lost throughout the battles of the Clone Wars. It also flips the norms on Rex's relationship with Anakin, forcing Anakin to have to trust Rex in the way we have seen Rex follow Anakin countless times.

The new setting also gives the Bad Batch a chance to shine, fighting off more enemies in a battle with much higher stakes, with the constant fear that everything is not as it appears.

When Echo finally is found, he is a shell of the man we first met after so long in separatist hands and facing an uncertain future trapped inside an enemy base on a hostile planet.

This episode returns us to much of what made the original series great and begins to look to conclude the arcs of many of the original characters as well as bring characters like Anakin to where they were at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith. It fills in the final gap in the prequel timeline and allows us to spend a final few episodes with the characters we grew to love over the original run of the series.

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