Rumor Hub Attractions of Universal's Epic Universe

Hub Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

Epic Universe is one of the most anticipated things in the theme park world. A new world-class theme park being built by Universal in Orlando is justifiably getting a lot of press. But most of the rumors and speculation have been focused on the four main lands of the park, completely ignoring the hub which will also have its own collection of attractions.

We are going to try and rectify that, collecting all the information currently available about the hub and combining it with some educated predictions to look at potential attractions outside the main lands.

Main Entrance Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

Before going deeper into specific attraction rumors, I just want to specify that rumor the hub would be open to the public is NOT HAPPENING. There is a dedicated park entrance building and there are way too many attractions in the hub for it to be regularly open to the public.

Pokemon Attraction

Possible Pokemon Attraction Concept Art Epic Universe Universal

There have been two attractions rumored to possibly hold some kind of Pokemon attraction likely a shooter attraction in the style of Men In Black. Honestly, there is some credibility to both. The one on the left looks like it has a Pikachu outside. The other one is right outside Super Nintendo World, which makes more sense location wise.

I wouldn't place my bet on either as from a business sense it makes more sense to spread Nintendo IP between the parks, similar to what Universal has done with Harry Potter to force Nintendo fans to visit more than one park. I still think KidZone is a likely location as well for that reason.

Flat Rides

Glass Dome Building Concept Art Epic Universe Universal Orlando

There are naturally going to be a few flat rides as well and I would bet on the buildings both above and below holding some kind of flat ride or spinner.

Universal Epic Universe Octagon Building Concept Art

Spinners provide something for younger children to do, which is a niche this park is catering to more than either of the other two Universal parks in Orlando.

Space Voyage?

Possible Space Voyage Concept Art Epic Universe Universal Orlando

I previously in my initial overview of the Universal's Epic Universe concept art identified this as some kind of science fiction attraction. This is something Universal is really missing as beyond maybe Marvel they are missing a significant traditional science fiction presence in their parks. There is no equivalent to Tomorrowland.

Now I would guess this is going to be a version of Universal Japan's Space Voyage attraction. The building shape is similar, just with a larger and more detailed queue. This attraction could then later be built off of for an eventual full science fiction land as it is at the entrance of one of the two main expansion pads in the park.

Mystery Building

This building next to the entrance of the How to Train Your Dragon land is almost definitely an attraction. Although as to what it is we here at TPE have no idea. There are no easy identifiers and we will just need to wait for more info.

Dueling Coaster

Roller Coaster Concept Art Universal's Epic Universe

How could we not end with the most obvious and biggest hub attraction, the gigantic dueling roller coaster? I would bet on this sharing many similarities with Rip Ride Rockit. No IP, and just generally themed as a roller coaster. They could always surprise us and theme it lightly on a less popular property, but it is just as likely to be an original concept.

That's It

What do you hope to find in the Hub for Universal's Epic Universe? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to go here to check out our exploration of rumors about other lands and attractions in Epic Universe.