Protests Continue Over Casting of Broadway West Side Story Revival

West Side Story 2020 Broadway Revival Protest Amar Ramasar February 7th

Ever since the casting of the latest Broadway revival of the classic musical West Side Story was announced there have been continuing protests of the casting of Amar Ramasar in the significant role of Bernardo in the revival's original Broadway cast.

There have been multiple protests with the goal to inform the paying audience of who they are going to see in the show as the producers have been attempting to downplay the actions taken by the dancer in previous roles.

Ramasar during his time at the New York City Ballet shared explicit photos of fellow dancer and former romantic partner of Ramasar, Alexandra Waterbury without her consent through text message in a group chat that also involve many other similar situations.

The above video shows the February 7th protest just outside the production of West Side Story.

The producers have continued to defend Amar Ramasar and have not allowed any of his fellow cast members to speak their opinions on his casting, with anonymous reports saying that many feel uncomfortable around him.

If you want to know more about this controversy check out the Change.Org petition about his casting and go here to find out more about the upcoming protests taking place outside the theater leading up to opening night.

We here at TPE have struggled on how to report on this issue while still fulfilling our goal of informing people of how to get cheap tickets to Broadway shows. We have decided that from this moment forward whenever we report on this show it will include the following disclaimer to inform the public:

The cast of this production of West Side Story includes Amar Ramasar who has faced controversy over sending explicit photos of fellow cast members without consent in the past. For more information on this controversy check out this petition.

If you think there is something else we should do please comment it below. We are trying to keep the public informed as they plan their trips to Broadway.