Toontown: Disneyland Guide


Disneyland's newest land (for now) is Mickey's Toontown, which features an animated town where all the classic Disney characters live. It is based around the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the town from this film of the same name.

If you have been to the version of this land at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, prepare for a shock. This is not the temporary land that was, this is a full land with rides and theming.


Starting with the residential section of Toontown, Mickey and Minnie's houses are still present, but they have toon mountains behind them to add scale to the land. 

Both features meet and greets with their owners, Mickeys featuring a journey through not only his house but also a "Movie Barn" with props and costumes from classic shorts like the band concert.

Donald, Goofy and Chip and Dale also have houses, but their's are play areas and the characters do not meet in them. They do, however, sometimes meet in the downtown section of Toontown.

There is also a rollercoaster in this section called Gadget's Go Coaster themed to Gadget Hackwrench. It is a kiddie coaster at best.

Do not eat here. I know there is a restaurant and yes it serves kid-friendly food but its extremely bad. If you want kid-friendly food nearby go to Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland.


This is the section of the land that is really based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. As you enter there is a fountain with Roger Rabbit at the center, there is an interactive post office with mailboxes for the fab 5 and Roger and Jessica Rabbit.

Even the bathrooms are Roger Rabbit themed!

For more hidden Roger Rabbit details, check out Roger Rabbit: Disney Films in the Parks.

The crown jewel of this section, however, is Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin. In this ride, you must save Roger and Jessica from being Dipped by weasels from the movie. You ride on Lenny the Cab (Cousin of Benny the Cab) as you go on a mad chase through Toontown. You get to control your spin on this ride, so make sure to use it to see everything as there are details all around you.

Make sure not to use the Fastpass for this ride. This ride very often gets up to a 45-minute wait, but the queue makes the wait worth it. You walk along the back alleyways of Toontown past significant characters and locations from the movie such as Baby Herman and the Ink and Paint Club.

If you want to appreciate this section make sure to watch the movie before you visit.