Is Onward Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms in March 2020?

Pixar Onward Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

UPDATE 2/25/20: New Clue Added Below

UPDATE 2/26/20: Another New Clue Added Below

In their latest photo on their Facebook page, Disney Magic Kingdoms posted what appears to be a hint at what the next new event will be for the popular mobile game. It appears we are getting an update based on the upcoming Pixar film Onward.

There is what appears to be a Dungeons and Dragons-style die that has never appeared before in the game with the number 14. There is supposedly a D&D style component in the upcoming film. The number 14 also points towards Onward being the 14th Pixar film.

It would make sense. They have done an update for a newly released film before, most recently with Frozen 2, and it would make sense for them to want to capitalize on what is sure to be a popular new film released by Disney.

Onward Clue Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

UPDATED: A new clue was posted with similar dice to the 14 one including the numbers 11 and 12. We still do not know exactly what this means.

Onward Clue 5 Disney Magic Kingdoms

UPDATE 2: Another clue was posted, a die with a 5 on it.

What characters do you think will be featured in this new event? Let us know in the comments below!