Dorney Park Roller Coasters Ranked Worst To Best 2022

Coaster Round-Up

Dorney Park Entrance Building

Dorney Park is a popular-sized amusement park located in Allentown Pennsylvania that is a part of the Cedar Fair chain. This historic amusement park is home to several roller coasters from massive thrilling attractions to smaller family coasters. But not all of these roller coasters are equal to one another.

Here is a ranking of all of the currently operating roller coasters at Dorney Park from worst to best as of the 2022 season.

7. Woodstock's Express

Woodstock's Express Dorney Park Roller Coaster

This Peanuts-themed coaster is the only currently operating kiddie roller coaster located at the park, located in the Planet Snoopy-themed section. It is a great kiddie coaster, and is only not ranked higher as it is a kiddie coaster.

6. Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Dorney Park

Wild Mouse is a roller coaster that has many identical versions at amusement parks around the world, and it is a nice family coaster for what it is, featuring some small drops and intense turns It only ranks so low due to its low intensity and the fact that it is such an unoriginal coaster, which you can experience beyond Dorney Park. It is a nice mid-tier coaster perfect for people comfortable with all thrill levels.

5. Thunderhawk

Thunderhawk Wooden Roller Coaster Dorney Park

Thunderhawk is the park's only currently operating wooden roller coaster and it features a layout filled with airtime hills big and small. The main problem is the coaster is too rough to be able to enjoy any of them. It is a classic coaster that looks amazing in its unique color scheme, and well-themed setting, but every hill and turn shakes you around so much that it is difficult to enjoy any of the elements.

This coaster isn't without its charm, and it does have some airtime, but its age clearly hasn't treated the coaster well.

4. Possessed

Possessed Roller Coaster Dorney Park

Possessed is an Intamin Impulse coaster and it is a remarkably intense experience for how small it is. It features an exceedingly forceful launch as its main element, traveling back and forth through the station between two massive spikes, one vertical and one twisted. While it takes up a small amount of space the ride experience is comparable with much larger coasters.

This is a deceptively intense experience that is a really good experience despite its simplicity and small track length, and should definitely be experienced on any journey to Dorney Park.

3. Hydra The Revenge

Hydra The Revenge Floorless Roller Coaster Cobra Roll Dorney Park

Hydra The Revenge is a B&M floorless roller coaster that features a nontraditional layout for its ride type. As it is located on the side of a hill, it is able to have some strange elements. The ride begins immediately by flipping you upside down before traveling up its lift hill.

The remainder of the ride passes back around the station through a series of turns and inversions as well as an airtime hill before going back into the station. It is a unique ride that is one of the best coasters in the park.

2. Steel Force

Steel Force On Airtime Hill Roller Coaster Dorney Park

Steel Force is almost certainly the most famous roller coaster currently found at Dorney Park, and despite being over twenty years old it is still one of the best coasters in the park. This is the tallest roller coaster in the park and it is a somewhat intense experience focused on airtime.

After a 200-foot lift hill, the ride drops into a tunnel before traveling over an airtime hill. The ride then continues into a section of helixes before continuing into another set of airtime hills which are incredibly intense. It is a smooth forceful experience that is certainly one of the best rides in the park. With strong forces throughout, and a smooth track layout, this is an incredibly strong ride.

1. Talon

Talon Roller Coaster Climbing Hill Dorney Park

This may be a controversial pick, but I would place Talon as the best roller coaster in the park. This roller coaster is an inverted coaster with a layout somewhat similar to the Batman The Ride model found at many other amusement parks, but its differences make it an intense experience that puts it as the best coaster in the park.

On top of the typical inverted coaster elements, including a traditional loop and several other inversions, the ride includes multiple intense turns, including one low to the ground element that is extremely forceful and provides an added element of fear due to how close your feet come to the surrounding elements.

This ride is probably the most intense at the park, and with an amazing layout, it is certainly one of the best coasters in the park.

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