Gideon Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Gideon Disney Character On Main Street USA Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Pinocchio has been a regular part of the Disney Parks since their earliest days. As one of the main villains of Pinocchio, he was one of the early Disney Villains, and was a common feature of both Pinocchio and villain segments of the Disney Parks.

Gideon and his partner Honest John tormented Pinocchio in the original film, luring him into a dangerous situation with the promise of fun, and he is just as mischievous when meeting with guests in the Disney Parks.

Gideon Pinocchio Character Signing Autographs in Epcot Walt Disney World

Over the years Gideon has appeared at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, almost never alone, usually being joined by Pinocchio or Honest John.

Gideon and Honest John Character Meet and Greet Disneyland

Gideon has historically been a common face to find in Fantasyland, although he has started to appear less in recent years as newer characters make more appearances.

Gideon Disney Parks Character In Fantasyland Disneyland

Even if he is harder to find than he used to be, Gideon is still just as fun to meet as he ever was. If you see him on your visit, be sure to stop and say hello. Just be sure not to listen to any offers from him or Honest John.

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