Twister Ride It Out at Universal Studios Florida: Extinct Universal Tribute

Extinct Universal Tribute

Drive In Set Twister Ride It Out Show Universal Studios Florida

Twister Ride It Out was an attraction at Universal Studios Florida based on the classic disaster film Twister. It showcased groundbreaking special effects that were one of their kind, put on display for you in the attraction.

Dorothy Machine Twister Ride It Out Gift Shop Universal Studios Florida

Themed as a soundstage, this ride was lightly themed in the park's main entrance street and decorated with props from the movie.

Twister Ride It Out Attraction Building Universal Studios Florida

The building was also themed with various elements appearing to have crashed into it, almost as if a tornado had just recently passed through and damaged the attraction.

When you headed inside you would view a preshow filmed by the two stars of the movie Twister Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. These two actors filmed their segments separately due to a conflict between them resulting in the preshow appearing on two separate screens.

Twister Ride It Out Main Show Universal Studios Florida

Then you would enter the main theater of the attraction to watch the show itself that was the main element of the attraction.

Twister Ride It Out Audience Stands Universal Studios Florida

You enter a set based on the iconic drive-in scene where you then see a recreation of that scene being destroyed by a tornado through an impressive set of practical effects. This included collapsing buildings and a flying cow, before the main event arrives.

A massive tornado is created live on the set, lit up for onlookers to see. As it begins to fade away the floor you are standing on drops and the attraction ends.

Cow In Twister Ride It Out Gift Shop Aftermath Universal Studios Florida

At this point, you enter the ride's gift shop, themed after many iconic films featuring tornados, including Twister and the Wizard of Oz, and in the later years, it was common to find Sharknado merchandise here.

This attraction long outlasted the popularity of the film it was based on, but eventually, it would be closed in 2015 to make way for Jimmy Fallon Race Through New York.

Twister Ride It Out is remembered as a long-lasting show at the resort, and lives on in the memories of those who experienced it and in tributes to it in the attraction that replaced it.