Original Disney World Dumbo: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Dumbo Original Location Disney World Magic Kingdom

When the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World first opened, Dumbo was not where it is located today, instead it was found in the center of Fantasyland, in between the Prince Charming Regal Carousel attraction and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

This version featured a muted brown and gold color scheme and design elements based on the opening scene of the movie. The ride was swapped out for a larger version in this location, but it remained fundamentally the same experience.

This ride gave amazing views of Fantasyland, but it did have a major problem. There was limited queue line space in this location, and its placement did cause crowding as the Magic Kingdom got more popular.

Construction of New Fantasyland From Dumbo Magic Kingdom Disney World

During the New Fantasyland reimagining of the section of the park, this attraction was moved to the new Storybook Circus section of the park. The original version would remain open for much of the construction, before closing down entirely.

Dumbo On Ride Storybook Circus Magic Kingdom Disney World

The new version would be identical to the last version to operate in the original location, but with a new color scheme and decorations, and two dueling versions. This version unfortunately would not have as good of a view of the surrounding area, but the line would be much shorter for this iconic attraction in the new location.

Dumbo is still a vital part of the Magic Kingdom, but the original version is still missed to this day. Today its former location serves as the entrance to New Fantasyland, bringing joy to guests in a different but still special way.