Best Universal Parks Original Music

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Ride Seuss Landing Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal theme parks are some of the best parks that exist in the world, and while they mostly take you inside the worlds of various films, they also have their fair share of original content. Some of the best original parts of the parks are the original musical scores in various areas of the parks.

So today we are paying tribute to some of the best musical scores in Universal theme parks. To be considered they can be based on a film score but have to be significantly different than the versions appearing in the film. This also means we are focusing mainly on Islands of Adventure as it has more original music than any other Universal park.

These are presented in no specific order.

Port of Entry Background Music

The entrance land of Islands of Adventure features an amazing musical score that perfectly captures the spirit of excitement that fills the park. Listening to it, you are immediately transported to the park with its unique melodies.

Universal Island of Adventure Entrance Gate Port of Entry

Seuss Landing

Seuss Landing may be based on the classic world of Dr. Seuss, but there has been very little music ever associated with the characters. The land corrects this by being filled with strange but friendly music, with unique instruments and kazoos that are distinctively child-like in their sound.

Truffula Trees Seuss Landing Universal Islands of Adventure

Lost Content Music

The Lost Continent is an original land in the Universal parks, and because of this, it is filled with original music. There are multiple distinct themes based on the various attractions from this land that are all wonderful to listen to in the park or at home.

Mythos Building Lost Continent Universal Islands of Adventure

Marvel Superhero Island

Marvel Superhero Island predates the massive franchise that now exists surrounding various Marvel superheroes, so it had to make its own soundtrack inspired solely inspired by the comic books. Filled with rock sounds it is something unique and unlike much of the other largely uninspiring music created for Marvel films in the MCU.

Marvel Superhero Island Universal Islands of Adventure

Cat In The Hat Music

Universal's Cat In The Hat ride has some of the best music of any theme park attraction in the world. It is a simple but extremely catchy theme that perfectly fits the feeling of the dark ride and its zany energy. This theme will get stuck in your head in the best way.

Cat In The Hat Ride Seuss Landing Universal Islands of Adventurer