Review: Lake Compounce 175th Anniversary Celebrations

Lake Compounce

Entrance Lake Compounce Amusement Park Bristol Connecticut

Lake Compounce has opened for its 175th season with a refresh that stretches throughout the entire park. Various areas have been redesigned and repainted on top of several new additions to the park and elements returning after having been closed for the 2020 season due to the pandemic.

After having gotten a chance to view the construction of the update, I got a chance to view the entire park's redesign on opening day. Here is a report and review of all of the new and reimagined offerings in the park as of opening day.

Entrance Redesign

Lake Compounce Carousel Horse Entrance Amusement Park

The most immediate change that is evident from the moment you enter the park is that the entire entrance area has been redesigned.

Lake Compounce 175th Anniversary Entrance Photo Op

As you walk into the park from the parking lot there is a new photo op replacing the old number topiaries that used to be located in this spot and were relocated inside the actual park for this year.

Lake Compounce Entrance Tunnel Redesigned 2021

The entrance tunnel also received a refresh with a new entrance sign and images from the park's history throughout the tunnel.

Lake Compounce New Carousel Horse Entrance Area

The actual entrance plaza is the most major change, with the entire area being painted yellow for this season. This is a much brighter color that gives the entrance more energy from the moment you emerge from the tunnel. The central greenery was also reimagined with an all-new larger carousel horse (the old one was relocated inside the park).

This area feels entirely new but not outside the classic charm that Lake Compounce has always had, with the new horse being by far the best part of the new area.

Birthday Cake at Lake Compounce Bristol Connecticut

They were giving out free birthday cake on opening day, which was a great touch to celebrate the park's birthday (and it was delicious).

Redesigned Areas

Main Street Lake Compounce Amusement Park

Most of the work this year was on various redesigns of areas of the park that give it a fresh feeling and start to give the entire park what feels like a consistent theme. We will be going through the various redesigns from the entrance around the park in a clockwise direction. If you want to learn about Venus Vortex or Timberjack Chowhouse, each of them has their own sections below.

Lake Compounce Main Street Lake Compounce

The main street area has received a fresh coat of paint as well as new lighting above the walkway.

Lake Compounce Main Street Family Fun Mural

New murals also adorn the main street shop buildings joining the nearby mural that was added to the park last season.

Lake Compounce Entrance Plaza At Sunset 2021

Wildcat also features new lights throughout the layout that when in action are a great addition to the park's skyline.

The old entrance carousel horse was also relocated to this area giving it some added detail.

Bathhouse Repainted Lake Compounce Crocodile Cove

While it is not open yet due to the waterpark remaining closed until Memorial Day Weekend, the new color scheme on the Bathhouse is very pronounced and looks great alongside the new entrance area.

Mammoth Falls Water Slide Purple and Green Crocodile Cove Lake Compounce Water Park

Mammoth Falls also looks great with its new purple and green giving the slide a new feel, although it too is not yet open as of the publishing of this article.

Compounce Railway Sign Lake Compounce Bristol Connecticut

The old C P Huntington Train has also been reimagined as the Compounce Railway, although it is basically the same ride as it was before, just under the new name. Also despite the back half of the park behind the lake being open this year, the ride is still only being run full circuit without stopping at the second station.

The carousel has started a multi-year refurbishment but the effects are already starting to be apparent, and will hopefully only get better.

Wipeout Removed Lake Compounce

The old Wipeout location is now completely empty, and it gives some great temporary unobstructed views of Boulder Dash.

This area also now features a repainted games building that has actually reopened this year.

Boulder Dash Mountain Coaster Entrance Sign Lake Compounce

We now come upon the park's signature attraction, Boulder Dash which received a newly reimagined queue line and entrance sign after going without one last year. It was unfortunately not open for the first day of the season due to work on the ride's control panel.

Saw Mill Plunge Log Flume Ride Queue Line Building Lake Compounce

Saw Mill Plunge got one of the most extensive redesigns this year, with a new color scheme for the entire queue building. On top of this, the old entrance number topiaries were relocated here, making for a great photo op for the celebration.

American Flyers Ride Lake Compounce Bristol Connecticut

American Flyers also received new artwork that is vibrant and gives the ride a new more modern look.

Zoomerang New Paint Color Scheme Lake Compounce Roller Coaster

Zoomerang, the park's Boomerang roller coaster has been given a fresh coat of paint, that while similar to its most recent color scheme is immediately obvious for its darker shades of purple and blue. The old paint was starting to peel so this was a needed change.

Wave Swinger Ride Lake Compounce

Kiddie Land looks much better than last year with all of the attractions actually open this year, including the Wave Swinger, which was the most obvious closure of last year due to its central location.

Venus Vortex

Venus Vortex Water Slide Construction Lake Compounce

While it is not open yet, the construction of the Venus Vortex waterslide looks to be nearly complete. We have been covering this construction since it was paused in March 2020, so it is exciting to see it nearing completion and getting ready to open for Memorial Day Weekend.

Timberjack Chowhouse

Timberjack Chowhouse Restaurant Lake Compounce Amusement Park

The Timberjack Chowhouse is the new restaurant for this season, and it manages to perfectly merge elements of a classic mountainside cabin and a modern lodge. This is a massive improvement over the Parkside Diner that was formerly found in this location.

Timberjack Chowhouse Restaurant Dining Room Lake Compounce Amusement Park

Seating is a little limited inside due to pandemic considerations, but there are plenty of outdoor tables nearby to enjoy your food at.

Final Thoughts

Lake Compounce Entrance Plaza At Sunset

The park looks better than it has in years and if these types of improvements are representative of what is to come in the next few years then the park has a bright future ahead of it.