5 Things In Disney Movies That Didn't Age Well

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Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland Diamond Celebration 60th Anniversary

Disney has built itself as a timeless family brand that spans generations. Disney films are movies that span the test of time and are passed down from parent to child for almost one hundred years. But not everything in Disney films ages perfectly, and somethings can be a bit cringe-worthy when looked back upon.

So here are five things in various Disney animated films that have not stood the test of time like Disney might have hoped.

1. Product Placement

Times Square Oliver and Company Disney

Oliver and Company is one of the few Disney films ever set in the present day, being primarily set in New York City of the 1980s, the time period it was created in. Because of this Disney filled the film with product placement in the form of ads throughout the streets.

While many of these are companies that still exist and are popular today, some really have not aged well. The movie notably features ads for Kodak Cameras and Tab Soda, which aren't exactly still popular products.

2. The Kingdom of Corona

Rapunzel Entering Kingdom of Corona Disney Tangled

This one is by no means Disney's fault, but the name of the kingdom from Tangled has by no means aged well. The name of the kingdom, Corona, has taken on a whole new meaning following the COVID19 pandemic, and its unlikely anyone will ever forget this new meaning.

The movie is a great movie, but the name of the kingdom in a Disney film being connected to a deadly disease hasn't exactly allowed it to age as well as other Disney animated princess movies.

3. Racial Stereotypes

Asian Stereotype Cat Aristocats Disney Playing Drums

This should go without saying but any usage of racial stereotypes in classic Disney animated films have obviously not aged well whenever they were utilized. From negative stereotypes of various Asian ethnicities in Aristocats and Lady and the Tramp, to Native Americans in Peter Pan, these were never ok but they look even worse today than when they were created.

Tiger Lily and Indian Chief Peter Pan Disney Film

These have become an increasingly difficult thing for Disney to deal with in the modern-day, as while other things on this list are a bit cringey these can be outright offensive. Disney has even placed content warnings for many films that include these outdated depictions that appear before you watch them on Disney Plus.

Disney Plus Stereotypes Warning Message

4. Pop Culture References

Abby Mallard and Runt Singing If You Wanna Be My Lover Karaoke Chicken Little Disney

Chicken Little was one of Disney's most experimental films, as they tried to find their place in an animation world with Pixar and Dreamworks as competition. What resulted was a strange Disney film filled with pop culture references that have not aged well at all.

From pop songs of the time to movie references, there is a lot in this film that became dated fast and has only gotten more difficult to watch since then.

5. Dinosaur

Carnotaurus Walks Through Rain Disney Dinosaur Film

This is really the only Disney film that looks dated. As Disney's first CGI animated feature, they were still learning how to use the technology, and it was a real breakthrough at the time. But today it is incredibly obvious that this was not created with today's technology.

The tone of the film is also strange, starting off with a silent section before the characters suddenly start talking. The animation really just has not aged well and it comes across more as a TV documentary with a low budget than a Disney film.