5 Most Photogenic Roller Coasters (United States)

Coaster Round Up

Silver Bullet Inverted B&M Roller Coaster Cobra Roll Knotts Berry Farm

Coasters are made for thrills, but often they can end being photographed more than any other elements in their parks, especially in the current age of social media. But not every coaster, regardless of the quality of the ride, photographs well.

Today we are ranking the five most photogenic roller coasters in the United States. We are not including theming elements in this as if we did essentially all of the coasters would be in Disney theme parks. We are mainly judging them on how they look, and how visible the elements are from walkable areas within the park. The coasters themselves are presented in no specific order.

5. Twisted Colossus

This ride is an amazingly designed RMC hybrid coaster that adds in a dueling style element where you go through the layout twice right next to one another. There are several elements that appear near miss on this coaster, although it is mostly visable from the parking lot not the park itself.

It's color scheme is also great, with its white supports being contrasted with bright blue and green track elements, making the layout and inversions pop out more in every photo taken of this great roller coaster.

4. The Hulk

The Hulk Roller Coaster Train Emerging From Mist Tunnel Universal Islands of Adventure

Hulk at Universal Orlando may be located at a theme park, but it is a mostly unthemed incredibly intense roller coaster. The ride is perfectly worked into the layout of Marvel's Superhero Island, going both above and below the pathways of the land. It is great to watch this ride both descend and emerge from mist-filled tunnels, making for some amazing photos.

The Hulk Roller Coaster Train Entering Tunnel Islands of Adventure Marvel Superhero Island

The coaster also has a massive cobra rolle located above the central lagoon of Islands of Adventure, allowing you to take photos of this park from a huge number of angles from around the park. It also has an impressive lighting package at night, allowing you to take great photos of it at all times of day.

3. Silver Bullet

Camp Snoopy Canoe With Silver Bullet Behind It Knotts Berry Farm

Silver Bullet is an inverted roller coaster at Knotts Berry Farm and it is located right at the entrance of the park. It makes for an impressive entrance to a park filled with so many great coasters, with a massive inverted cobra roll providing a visual centerpiece for the entrance plaza.

But the entire coaster is just as photogenic, with the layout of the park designed to allow you to essentially walk all around the coaster and get pictures of the trains traversing any point in the layout. It is also located above a body of water, allowing you to get photos of the coaster reflected in the lagoon below.

2. Manta

Manta is a flying coaster located at SeaWorld Orlando that is designed with several photogenic elements. Its low-to-the-ground turn above water is one of the most iconic images of not only this roller coaster but SeaWorld as a whole.

It also has a relatively unique ride system and a vehicle that makes for special photographs from any section in the park. Flying coasters are still somewhat of a rarity, and this one is made for photos from off the ride.

1. Loch Ness Monster

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is full of coasters that work themselves into the landscape perfectly, and none of them is more photogenic than the park's Loch Ness Monster. This classic Arrow looping coaster is located over and around the park's Rhine River and has many incredibly photogenic elements that can be viewed throughout the park.

By far the most photogenic part of the coaster is the interlocking loops located above the river. These bright yellow interlocking pieces of track give the park an iconic element.