What Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add From Brother Bear?

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We have been going through a series of films that would make a great fit to be used as permanent content updates in the Adventureland section of the park, including Treasure Planet, and Up. Today we are talking about yet another film that would be a great fit for Adventureland, Brother Bear.

Brother Bear is an underappreciated classic Disney film. Featuring a wonderful score by Phil Collins and a great storyline about the bonds of family, this film deserves a lot more recognition than it gets.

With its wilderness setting, it could be a perfect film for this wild setting in the game. It also features very few main characters to be featured in the game.

Honestly I really only can see three characters worth adding from the film, as the movie spends almost its entire runtime focusing on the relationship between these three.

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First, Kenai and Koda would obviously be the main two characters featured in a potential Brother Bear update. The film is called Brother Bear, so it would have to feature the actual bear brothers from the movie.

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Both of these are great characters and it would be a lot of fun seeing them wander the kingdom and interact with one another.

Beyond the bears, the most likely additional character would be Denahi. He is Kenai's human brother and spends most of the film hunting Kenai as a bear before reconciling at the end of the film. He is the easiest human character to make a part of the game.

While I think these are the three most likely characters to get added to the game, there are three more characters I think could also be potential additions as well.

First, Tanana may be a good addition as she is a human who can communicate with Kenai due to her connection with the spirits. This could be a great reason to add her, and she is a fun character who would definitely have some good dialogue in the game.

The other two characters I think have a slight chance of getting added are Rutt and Tuke, who are a pair of moose that provide most of the film's comic relief. They could surely be great additions to the game, but are relatively smaller characters and are largely disconnected from the plot which could leave them out of an update.

What characters would you want to see added to Disney Magic Kingdoms in a Brother Bear update? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


  1. Rutt And Tuke Are important Characters in The Movie i imagine Them Being Premium Characters if Brother Bear Is A Limited Time Event!!!

  2. On My Way Event Featuring Kenai Koda Denahi Tanana Sitka And Rutt And Tuke The Rams And Tug Will Be The Tower Challenge Characters The Reason Why i Choose Sitka is Because He Does Come Back As A Spirit Later On Which Might Be A Good Reason To Add Mufasa And Sarabi Simba's Parents if They Do Decide To Expand On The Lion King Collection As Well As Kiara Zira Vitani Nuka And Kovu Ma And Uncle Max Kion Fuli Bunga Beshte Ono Janja Cheezi Chungu Etc!!!


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