Review: The Bad Batch Premiere: Aftermath

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Wrecker Tech and Echo Pilot Their Spaceship Star Wars The Bad Batch Disney Plus

The Bad Batch premiered showcasing a period much discussed but seldom seen in the Star Wars universe, the time following Order 66 and the events of Revenge of the Sith and before A New Hope. Even in one episode, this series gave the closest look at the early rise of the Empire outside the realm of Star Wars legends, as we follow the Bad Batch through the chaos of the moment.

Be aware from here on out this review there is a spoiler warning. If you do not want elements of the first episode ruined for you then do not continue reading until after you finish the episode.

Spoiler Warning

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The episode begins with a simple mission, the Bad Batch providing reinforcements for a clone assault. This assault notably features Jedi Depa Billaba and her Padawan, Caleb Dume (later known as Kanan Jarrus).

Jedi Depa Billaba and Caleb Dume Kanan Jarrus With Clone Before Order 66 Star Wars The Bad Batch

The battle seems lost for the Republic before the Bad Batch arrives and quickly destroys all remaining droids utilizing their unique skills in comical ways.

Jedi Depa Billaba Star Wars The Bad Batch

In the aftermath of the battle, the two Jedi and the clones begin to plan their next move, with Caleb wandering off with the Bad Batch while Depa remains to discuss plans with the rest of her troops.

Depa Billaba Attacked By Clones During Order 66 Star Wars The Bad Batch

At this moment, we hear Order 66 initiated, and both Jedi feel the disturbance in the force it causes. The Bad Batch meanwhile is unaffected by the order, allowing Caleb to freely run back to attempt to help his master. When she tells him to run he does, and she sacrifices herself for his safety.

Members of The Bad Batch follow Caleb, while debating the merits of Order 66. As they are unaffected by the brainwashing that caused other clones to execute the order they debate if they really need or should be killing the clones, and how the others could so easily turn on the Jedi they had worked with for so long.

Caleb Dume Kanan Jarrus Defends Himself With Blue Lightsaber During Order 66 Star Wars The Bad Batch

After a few encounters, Hunter eventually corners Caleb on the edge of a cliff. He tries to gain his trust as he does not want to kill him, but when Crosshair and other troops arrive, he escapes and Hunter lies and says that he killed the young Jedi.

The Emperor Gives a Speech To Clones On Kamino Star Wars The Bad Batch

Following these events, the group returns to Kamino where things have quickly changed and the effects of the brainwashing are easily apparent.

Omega Introduces Herself To The Bad Batch Star Wars Disney Plus

The clones struggle in their new world and are met by medical assistant Omega, a human child who takes a liking to the clones.

Clones Food Fight Star Wars The Bad Batch Aftermath

Her friendship with them eventually leads to a food fight in the cafeteria between the group and the rest of the clones

Tarkin Arrives On Kamino Star Wars The Bad Batch Disney Plus

While this is transpiring Tarkin appears to evaluate the continuation of the clone program. He intends to shut down the entire future of the cloning program, until he witnesses the actions of the Bad Batch.

Tarkin and the Prime Minister of Kamino Observe The Bad Batch Fight Star Wars Disney Plus

After a medical evaluation, the team is given a combat test which they easily pass, impressing Tarkin with their skill, although he still shows hesitancy to their willingness to disobey orders, and their inconsistent reports on their execution of Order 66.

They are sent on a real mission to destroy remaining Separatists on Alderan.

Saw Gerrera and Republic Troops on Alderan Star Wars The Bad Batch

When they arrive they successfully find the insurgents, only they are not droids, but a group of Republic troops and civilians, including children, led by Saw Gerrera who refused to follow orders in the transition to the Empire.

The Bad Batch is captured by this group, and with objections from Crosshair, they separate without conflict. However, a droid observed this interaction informing Tarkin and the Empire of the inaction.

The group debates whether to return to Kamino, but upon realizing that Omega is a genetically modified clone like them, decide to return to save her.

The Bad Batch and Omega In A Kamino Holding Cell Star Wars Disney Plus

Before they can return, she is captured observing their possessions and taken away by standard clones. When The Bad Batch arrives on Kamino they are placed in the same holding cell as her.

Crosshair Being Brainwashed On Kamino Star Wars The Bad Batch

Crosshair is separated from the group for medical observation, where we learn that his inhibitor chip, the element that caused standard clones to obey Order 66, is active but weak. This issue is then corrected, and he is put fully under the control of the Empire.

Omega Escapes Through Vents On Kamino Star Wars The Bad Batch

While the medical evaluation is underway, the Bad Batch helps Omega escape through ducts, as the room they are in was not intended to be a prison and therefore easy to escape from. She then stuns the guards and is able to get the remaining four members of the group out of their cell.

Crosshair Fights The Bad Batch Star Wars Disney Plus

They head to the hanger where they are able to retrieve their gear, but are almost immediately encountered by a wave of Empire clones led by the newly brainwashed Crosshair. Wrecker is injured as the team attempts to board the ship and escape.

Omega ends up causing a disturbance allowing them to escape, along with help from the Kamino medical officer who holds the hanger door open for them assumably to help Omega.

Omega Watching a Jump To Light Speed Star Wars The Bad Batch

The episode ends with The Bad Batch plotting their next move, recognizing they have few friends left in the galaxy, and a new enemy in Crosshair who will almost certainly be pursuing them. They choose to go look for a friend in J-19, although who this is friend is remains uncertain.

In this episode is the deepest look at the inner workings of the early Empire in anything Star Wars outside the realm of legends and video games. The exploration this series gives to a largely mysterious part of the history of the Star Wars universe will be exciting to see play out in the coming weeks.