The Middle Props In The ABC Commissary Disney's Hollywood Studios: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

The Middle Walt Disney World Episode Autographed Script With Mickey Hat On Display in Walt Disney World

The ABC Commissary is a restaurant in Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World based on Disney's television network and it features decorations based on the constantly changing roster of television shows on the channel.

Today we are paying tribute to one of the former displays in the dining location based on the Walt Disney World episode of The Middle.

Sue Heck Wrestlerettes Sweatshirt The Middle Abc Commissary Walt Disney World

The Middle was a sitcom that aired on ABC for nine seasons. It followed the lives of the members of the Heck family, a middle-class family living in the middle of the country.

During the fifth season, the family went on a trip to Walt Disney World, and this episode became the main feature of their display in the ABC Commissary following the airing of the episode

The Middle Props Display ABC Commissary Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

This display featured various props from the episode as well as photos of characters from the series in the parks.

Sue Heck Walt Disney World Scrapbook ABC Commissary The Middle Prop

Various sitcoms have made their way to Walt Disney World over the years, and it is always a great way for Disney to not only promote the parks but the show as well.

The Middle Cast Costumes ABC Commissary Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

This display was a great tribute to the show and the episode that fit perfectly in Walt Disney World given the subject of the main featured episode, and it is one of many in the long history of TV shows being featured in Walt Disney World in various temporary ways.