Review: Cheese Pizza Harborside Pizza Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce

Slice of Cheese Pizza Lake Compounce Harborside Pizza Amusement Park

Lake Compounce amusement park in Bristol Connecticut has a large number of great dining options despite its small size, with plenty of great places to stop for a meal in between exploring the park's attractions.

One of these options is the Harbor Pizza shop.

Harborside Pizza Restaurant Lake Compounce Amusement Park

Located in both the actual park and waterpark Crocodile Cove, this restaurant has windows on two sides of the building serving both halves of the park a selection of pizzas sold either in a full pie or by the slice.

Be aware that there is no seating for this restaurant within the actual park, only on the waterpark side. However, if you do not wish to enter the waterpark you can take your food to eat at the Croc Pot's seating which is only steps away.

If the line is long on one side, be sure to check the other as often the lines are of very different lengths and they serve the exact same menu.

Slice of Cheese Pizza Lake Compounce Amusement Park Bristol Connecticut

One of the most popular offerings at this location is the cheese pizza, sold in both full pies and slice form. For this review, we are going to be looking at a single slice of pizza, but the pies are identical in taste.

Cheese Pizza Harborside Pizza Lake Compounce

The pizza offered here is by no means the best pizza in the world. It is adequate but uninspiring, and there are far better food options in this park.

The pizza can be quite greasy and the tomato sauce on the pizza is largely flavorless. The cheese is the highlight of the dish, and is full of flavor and texture that practically melts in your mouth and overwhelms the other elements of the slice.

This pizza is comparable to what you can find in other amusement parks across America, a passable yet uninspiring slice of pizza. Be aware that a single slice of this pizza is quite expensive and really may not be filling enough for a full meal. Although if you are snacking in the park throughout the day it will probably be enough.

What may be a good option for some is ordering a full pizza if you are traveling with a group. This allows you a deal for a larger amount of food that can be shared among multiple people.

If you are looking for the best food in the park I would direct you towards one of the many offerings at the park, from the park's own Potato Patch to nationwide chains with locations in the park like Pink's and Johhny Rockets. But if you are craving pizza, this spot will do the trick.