Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Do A Goofy Movie Update?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Max Goof in Plaza Inn Restaurant Disneyland

Disney Magic Kingdoms is constantly adding characters from various Disney films, and one of the largest collection of characters in the game are from Mickey and Friends films and shorts. But it has been a while since they have added new characters to this collection.

If the game wanted to add more characters to the game connected to this character family, I think the perfect choice would be to do an update based on A Goofy Movie. We are going to try to predict what characters the game could add if they did an update based on this cult classic Disney favorite.

If they were to add an update based on this film I think there are two characters that would undeniably be added.

Max Goof Character Disneyland

First, Max Goof would be a natural addition. Goofy's son would be a really fun addition to the game and surely have some fun quests with his father as well as on his own.

The next obvious character from this movie would be Powerline. All you need to do is go to any store selling Disney merchandise in the last decade to understand why. He is one of the most iconic parts of the movie and his songs have become Disney classics.

Beyond these two I can't imagine the update adding more than two additional characters, similar to the Ducktales update. But there are three characters I think could make good additions.

First, since they are adding Goofy's son in this hypothetical update, maybe they would want to add Pete's son as well, PJ. Being Max's best friend he could be an amazing addition to the game and open up entirely new storylines to the game.

If they are adding Max's friends, this could also open up the chance for the game to add Bobby as well. But being a smaller character in the film and not being connected to a classic Disney character, I would see him as being less likely to be added.

Finally, Roxanne could end up being a character added in the update as well. She is Max's crush and has continued to appear alongside him in many of Max's recent appearances in Disney media. While a smaller character in the film, she is pretty prominent in the story and the game could easily build an event that includes her in some way.

Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Park Entrance

What characters would you want to see featured if Disney Magic Kingdoms were to do an update based on A Goofy Movie? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Max P.J. Bobby Powerline Bigfoot Ludwig Von Drake!!!

  2. Max P.J. Bobby Powerline Bigfoot Ludwig Von Drake Etc!!!


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