10 Fun Facts About Living With The Land Epcot Walt Disney World

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Living With The Land Ride Epcot Walt Disney World

Living With The Land is one of the oldest attractions at Epcot, and it is one of the park's underappreciated gems. This ride features both traditional Disney dark ride segments as well as a trip through the greenhouse where food for restaurants at Walt Disney World is grown, learning about the future of farming.

In honor of this classic attraction, we are sharing 10 fun facts about Living With The Land at the Land Pavilion.

1. Rotating Restaurant

The dark ride segments of this ride are built around The Land Pavilion's rotating restaurant the Garden Grill. If you eat there you can get a great view of the attraction below your seats.

Garden Grill Restaurant The Land Pavilion Epcot Walt Disney World

2. Guides

Greenhouse Living With The Land Epcot Walt Disney World

When this ride first opened it relied on live guides as opposed to narration.

3. Special Lettuce

The lettuce being grown on this attraction is often grown with different colors creating words and logos from the park, adding special details to look out for on each ride of this classic attraction.

4. Behind The Seeds

Prior to the pandemic, you could pay to take a backstage tour of this attraction. Called the Behind The Seeds Tour, this tour would take you backstage in the attraction, with one of the scientists who manage the greenhouse taking you on a guided tour through various locations in the ride on foot.

Biological Control Room Behind The Scenes Living With The Land Epcot Disney World

5. Original Name

Living With The Land Boat Enters Greenhouse Epcot Disney World

This ride was originally known as Listen To The Land when Epcot Center first opened. It was largely the same experience, except it featured a theme song that played during the ride.

6. Mickey Shaped Food

Passion Fruit Growing In Living With The Land Epcot Disney World

Depending on the time of year, you may see various fruits and vegetables being grown in the shape of the head of Mickey Mouse, something you can truly only find at Walt Disney World.

7. The Food

Living With The Land Banana Palm Tree Greenhouse Epcot Disney World

When you are eating fresh food throughout Walt Disney World, it may actually have been grown inside this attraction.

8. Research

Living With The Land Fish Tanks Epcot Disney World

There is real research done in the facility, and Disney over the years has cooperated with groups from NASA to the Department of Agriculture for this part of the attraction.

9. Christmas Overlay

Living With The Land Christmas Overlay Epcot Disney World

For the last couple of years, this ride has gotten a Christmas overlay featuring decorations throughout the greenhouses that perfectly fit the attraction.

10. Animatronics

Living With The Land Farm Scene Epcot Walt Disney World

Some of the audio-animatronics featured in this attraction were originally created for the never-built Western River Expedition attraction proposed for Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom. They found a new home in the desert scenes in this attraction.